Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 117 – Transformation Skill (I)

The night of the day I met Crow.

“Phew. I’m so tired.”

When I returned to the mansion, I lay down on my bed in my room as quickly as I could.

The reason for the tiredness probably isn’t just because I’ve been spending time shopping with Aphrodite.

Raven of the Twin Swords.

The man who was chosen to have the most powerful job: Hero.
It was shocking to see a Japanese guy like me slash up another person without so much hesitation.

What kind of environment do you have to live in to be so cruel?

Fortunately, the wounds of the A-rank adventurer duo seemed to have been healed by Shinji-kun.
It seems that Shinji’s “Holy Knight” job allows him to acquire advanced healing magic, as well as powerful melee attack skills.

You’re cheating enough already!

But unfortunately, I was Aphrodite’s servant.

All I could do was smile at them.
I’d like to see what the two cheaters are up to, but let’s put other people’s business aside for now.

Skill Seed | Grade A
(A magic seed that makes you learn random job skills when you eat)

Today I was going to examine the item I bought from the tool store owner.
I put the skill seed in my mouth like the description says.

I was expecting this, but it’s gross.

If I were to compare it to something, it would be like taking a bite out of an acorn.
Like taking a bite out of a raw acorn.

Chew. Chew.

I hold my nose to avoid tasting it as much as possible and continue to chew the seed.

There is no particular change in my body, but what about my status?

I became curious, and checked the situation.

Kazehaya Souta

Job: Monster Tamer
Level: 588
Vitality: 270
Strength: 99
Magic: 214
Mana: 3053

Absolute Control

Capsule Ball, Appraisal Eyes, Demon Combination, Contact, Mental Manipulation, Borrowing Skill, Transformation.

Enslaved Monsters

Carolina Burton
Ciel O’Telrod
Rust Trizarti
Adamite Golem
Goblin Knight x15
Light Mash x6
Fire Fox x4
Mad Mash

Transformation | Grade A | Active
(A skill that changes the appearance to an enslaved demon over a period of time. However, the values of the stats do not change).

Conditions of Acquisition


A new skill had been added to the status section.

The condition of acquisition is “???”.
I’ve never seen a pattern like this before.

It’s probably not acquired legitimately, so it’s a special notation.


I couldn’t help but laugh in my mind.

This is an interesting skill!

As for the effects, I think it’s similar to the “Mental Manipulation” skill that takes over a demon’s body, but had the disadvantage of leaving the original body defenseless while using it.

The fact that the stats don’t change as well is a problem, but the transformation skill seems to be easier to use than Mental Manipulation.

It would be faster to try these things than to think about them.

With that in mind, I quickly decided to think hard about “transforming” myself.

System message.
(Please select the target demon.)

→ Aphrodite
Carolina Burton.
Ciel O’Telrod.
Rust Trizarti
Adamite Golem
Goblin Knight
Light Mash
Fire Fox
Mad Mash

It didn’t take long for me to choose Aphrodite.

Do-Don’t get me wrong.

There’s no ulterior motives in doing this.

It just happens that Aphrodite’s name was at the top of the list, and there’s no other reason.

There’s no other reason than that.

After a while, my body emits a blinding light and shrinks in height.

Bobobon. Kyu. Bobon.

My body transforms and I hear that sound effect.
I looked down in fear and saw a chest so big I couldn’t see the ground.

“It can’t be. I don’t believe it. Is this really me?”

I stood in front of the mirror and was immensely surprised.
I thought it was just the figure, but even the clothes and voice are those of Aphrodite.

Munimuni. Munimuni.

No, you’re getting me wrong.
I’m rubbing my breasts for a good reason.

Because this is like pinching your cheeks to make sure you’re not dreaming, right?

Never in an erotic sense.
It’s not meant to be erotic.

Oh, wow.
Are Aphrodite’s breasts H-cup? (According to me)

No matter how much I rub, it’s not enough.
The more I rub, the more I want to go on.

This is like drugs!

“…T-The next thing is to touch them directly.”

It’s so elastic, even on the clothes.

What would happen if I touched them in their natural state?

No, you’re wrong.
This is just a tickle of curiosity from a biological point of view, there’s nothing to feel guilty about.

It is inevitable that I, who am eager to learn, want to rub my breasts.


You’re kidding, right?!

I was so busy rubbing my breasts that I was completely disoriented.

I checked the time on the room clock.
And the shocking truth was revealed…

It’s already been 10 minutes since I started rubbing my breasts…

As expected from Aphrodite’s breasts!
Exploiting the concept of time is a skill that would surprise even a shonen manga.

“What follows now is…”

After enjoying my breasts, I began to notice the lower half of my body as well.

Yeah, yeah. That’s right.
I meant it in an erotic sense anyway. I’m sorry.

I’m getting tired of trying to think of reasons as an excuse.

It’s not like I have a lot of options.

All guys like to be dirty!

And that’s when I was about to start preaching, not addressing anyone.

“Kukuku. Lo~ok, Ka~ze~ha~ya~!”

A familiar voice echoes in the room.

“You-You are…!”

This is bad! Did she get me?!

The look on Rust’s face when she appeared in front of me was like the head of an ogre’s.
She had the same look in her eyes as the mother who was discovering the erotic book her son had hidden.

“Ufu~. I don’t know what you’re talking about, Rust. As you can see, I’m Aphrodite!”

I tried to imitate her tone of voice with embarrassment, but she didn’t seem like an answer at all.

“Stop that foolish, Kazehaya.”

Rust’s expression became even darker.

Kuh…! It doesn’t matter anymore.

I don’t know what happened, but Rust seemed to realize who I was after I turned into Aphrodite.

“How? How did you find out?
“That’s easy. You look like a woman, but you act exactly like a man. Yes. You look just like the man I once was.”

That’s right, experience! It’s not the same as conviction!

No, wait.
On the contrary, the situation can be a blessing in disguise.

Today, Rust has the body of a plump succubus, but whatever happens, she’s a man in spirit.

In that sense, it’s much better than being discovered by Aphrodite, Carolina, Ciel or Yuuko!

If they’re both boys, they’re more likely to sympathize with each other.

“Hahaha. I’m looking forward to it. If I tell Carolina-sama and the others about this, your reputation will fall to the ground!”

That wasn’t right at all!

You bastard! You’re blackmailing me!
I didn’t see that coming!

“P-Please! You can have anything you want! I’ll do whatever you say! Please don’t tell anyone else!”

Why am I saying lines like an anime heroine who is about to be disgraced 2 seconds after meeting the protagonist?

Calm down.
Now is the time to be patient.

If they know I’m borrowing my friends’ bodies to do obscene things, what happens next won’t even be a joke.

Anyway, I must buy some time and find a way out of this desperate predicament!

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  1. Out of all the possible en lls from the many different jobs he got one that obviously came from the monster tamer skilltree. ^^”

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat! (^_^)/

  2. Aphrodite has the second worst chest of all the characters. The most impressive is Rikku, obviously. Flat is much sexier.

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