Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 116 – The Raven of the Twin Swords

After answering the questions, it was our turn.

I was also interested in being a transferee from Japan, so I decided to ask Shinji a lot of questions.

“Huh? So, you’re working as a demon hunter now, Shinji?”
“Yes. With ‘Book of the Abyss’. They are the strongest demon hunters in Adelhide. It is said that the resurrection of the demon lord will be sooner or later, so there is no day that they do not train.”

It seems that many of the otherworldly people from the earth belong to the demon hunters, like Shinji.

Once you belong to an organization, you will receive generous support in terms of equipment and money depending on your skills.

In fact, if your goal was to defeat the Demon Lord, it might be a reasonable choice.

“Now my level has risen to 87. I am where I am now because of the ‘Holy Knight’ job given to me by Aphrodite-sama.

You have a very, very cool job!

Mine sucks anyway. Monster tamer.

I am glad I have a compatible blessing, because if it weren’t for that, I would have been forced to live a miserable life by now.

“So why are you at Saint Bell, Shinji?”
“Right. I would like to ask you to keep this information, but I’m looking for the former Commander of the Demon Lord’s Army Division, the Mermaid Princess Lemis. I have received information from a source that Lemis is lurking in the waters near this city.”

I see.
So, his purpose is the same as Rikku-san and the rest of Blue Sky Arch.

But what a pity!
The fact that this information was only gossip was confirmed in the recent quest to subjugate the Kraken the other day.

“Right! There is a guy I’d like you to meet, Aphrodite-sama. He’s Japanese like me, but he’s also very strong.”

Another Japanese like Shinji…!?

After all this time, I’ve realized that the Japanese have been kidnapped too much.

Did they find it easier to adapt than foreigners because of the deep-rooted gamer culture?

“That’s strange. He was supposed to meet me before…”

It was right after Shinji started looking around.

“Hey, you bastard! I’m over here!”

A man, with apparent lack of education, suddenly shouts out loud.

He’s tall.
He’s probably about 2 meters tall.

His body was thin because of it, and that gave him an indescribably creepy atmosphere.

“You brat! You want me to kill you, huuuh?”

Like the lines a fourth-rate thug would say.

No matter how much power I got, I wouldn’t want to be like that.
It’s the opposite of a pure, innocent boy like me, in a way.

Cross Ryuki
Race: Human
Age: 15

As soon as I saw the name of the boy next to the one who was a clear thug, I realized.
This guy is probably the other Japanese guy Shinji was talking about.

He’s a little under 1,5 meters tall.
No distinguishing features, except that he wears a black cape that resembles the wings of a bird.

I estimate that his face is above average.

He was a very ordinary boy, not too much more than that.

“Hey, you! You damn brat, and who are you supposed to be, huh?”

Wow. He’s so small I didn’t even notice him until now!

Next to the tall thug was a person who could only be described as the short thug #2.

While the man I just mentioned has an elongated body like a burdock, this one is shaped like a potato.

“Listen! We, the Vesilta brothers, are A-rank adventurers based here in the town of Saint Bell!”
“If you’re an adventurer too, at least you’ve heard of us, right? If you kneel and apologize now, I’ll let you go, depending on your attitude.”

A-rank adventurers…?
Were these foul-mouthed brothers so strong?!

The adventurers of this world are divided into eight levels, from G to S.

They were second on the list, just one step away.

I’m a D-rank adventurer, by the way.

It’s frustrating, but I’m three ranks behind these Vesilta brothers.

“Bastard! Don’t ignore me! Stop right there!”
“I can’t believe it! I’ll teach you a lesson!”

The two A-ranking adventurers were furious with the boy who tried to pass them by in silence.

“What… are you saying…?”

But the next moment.
Something incredible happened.

A sharp cut runs down the right arm of both men.

Then scars appeared in turns, left arm, right leg, left leg, etc., cutting the men’s bodies all over.


Having lost the movement of their hands and legs, the A-rank adventurers roll around on the ground like caterpillars.

It’s not a fast-moving dimension or anything like that.

The fencing that man showed created the illusion that time had stopped.

Holy Stardust Blade | Grade S
(A holy sword that only the chosen ones can possess. Its blow slash off even the light).

Divine Saber Magic Sword | Grade S
(A magic sword that only the chosen ones can possess. Its blow pierces even the darkness)

Hey, hey!
If you look closely, that equipment is awesome!

A sacred sword and a magic sword!
Now that’s the equipment of someone who cheats!


With both swords in hand, he sheaths them as if nothing had happened.

He did not flinch, despite attacking those men.

This guy… is he really a human like me!?

“How was it? Did you get a look at him? He is the Ace of the Book of the Abyss, the one who was given the strongest job, the ‘Hero’. He is the Raven of the Twin Swords.”

Shinji told us with a sincere look of pride on his face.

“Aphrodite-sama, don’t worry. No enemy can defeat Raven. He will definitely defeat the Demon Lord.”

Raven was chosen to have the strongest job, Hero, and I was chosen for the weakest job, Monster Tamer.

That’s how I ended up meeting a Japanese man who was in many ways on the opposite side of the spectrum.

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5 thoughts on “OWMB 116 – The Raven of the Twin Swords

  1. It was hard to understand what happened here, so the 2m tall friend passed by some foul mouthed adventurers and counterattacked when they tried to mess with him.
    In other words the author tried to show off a new character and make him look badass, but since the japanese language is so vague with both genders and peoples identity the english version made it harder to understand what happened.
    ..i think?

    This is like a scene straight out of konosuba btw when they met that other reincarnated “chosen one”, the author cant even hide the source of his inspiration anymore. xD

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat! (^_^)/

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