Other World’s Monster Breeder



One day suddenly, the boy Kazehaya Souta was sent to another world called “Adelheid” by the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite .

At that time, Souta was given the unpopular profession of “Monster Tamer”.

The result was very disconcerting, but one mistake happened!

“Fugya~aaaaaaaaaaah! Wait a minute! It’s a lie, right? Why! Why?!”

What?! Souta enslaved Aphrodite Goddess, who was not originally supposed to be a companion.

What!? Souta, who gained a lot of experience by capturing the goddess, would live a quiet life!?


Chapters on Spanish (74 onwards): Frizcosas

1-63 (Rumanshi´s Lair)

Volume 2

Chapter 64

Chapter 65

Chapter 66

Chapter 67

Chapter 68

Chapter 69

Chapter 70

Chapter 71

Chapter 72

Chapter 73

Volume 3

Chapter 74

Chapter 75

Chapter 76
Chapter 77

16 thoughts on “Other World’s Monster Breeder

  1. Thanks for the chapters. Why were you taken off Novel Updates’ listings?
    Is there another site that lists your releases? I have a feeling I’m missing a lot of novels out there thanks to NU’s policies now.

    1. That’s sad. Maybe some day I could translate that chapters from the spanish. It’s a bit confussing, but I could translate the spanish-translated chapters from the english-translated chapters of Other World Monster Breeder that I’ve translated on my blog.

    1. I’ve explained this in another comentary, but it’s basicly because some time ago me and aria, the other translator, reached an agree: I was going to continue with my project on my spanish translations blog, deleting from nu my translations (’cause was a very rough translation) and she was going to keep translating OWMB. She took a long time to continue the project, so i tought she had abandoned it. Thas was the reason to me releasing this chapter before. Then, some hours later she released other chapter, as she saw one of my chapters there, she just asked to nu admins to delete it.

  2. Can you please add a note for each character of this novel till now in main page, because of the delay of new chapters i cant remember the character of this novel.

  3. this is just to let people know, if you are looking for chapters 1-63 the only place to find them, unfortunately, is aggregate sites like readlightnovel. org however if you are to use that site I recommend getting Adblock plus (if you use chrome dunno if it’s on other browsers) cause that site has quite a lot of ads, luckily it’s not 1 of those sites that forces you to turn Adblock off

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