Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 118 – Transformation Skill (II)

“Hm… whatever, you say?”

Rust’s eyes blink suspiciously, and she closes the distance between us a little more.

Why the hell are you taking your clothes off here?!

Rust in her underwear, which looks like her plump body is tight, is, to put it simply, very erotic.

But, sadly, I can’t.
I can’t be happy at all right now just because of the situation.

It’s the first time I’ve ever been afraid of a half-naked woman.


Besides, that’s where something incredible happened.

What was she thinking about? Rust pushed me into bed by force, even started taking my clothes off.

I’m scared.
What the hell? I’m scared.

Why was Rust trying to squeeze my breasts?

I didn’t realize how horrible it would be if someone else rubbed my breasts.

“What-what the hell is going on? Do you… do you like men?”
“I’m just giving you a taste of your own medicine. This is what you usually do to me.”

When she said that, I realized

I see!
So this is Rust’s revenge.

Because she’s a beautiful girl on the outside, I’ve played with her, embarrassed her in many ways in the past.

That’s why Rust planned to double the humiliation she had been subjected to.

“Funyaaaa! Do-Don’t lick it!”

I couldn’t help but scream.
This Rust… where did she get this technique?

Muzumuzu. Muzumuzu.

What-what’s with this feeling… 

I never knew a girl’s body could feel this good!

I could feel my body getting hotter and hotter after Rust touched me

“Kukuku. What’s wrong, Kazehaya? You’re showing a whole ‘female face’.

Ho-How cruel.
That’s not happening. Not by a long shot.

My simple question is, how does it look from a third party’s perspective?

It’s a development you wouldn’t know where to place it, since it’s yuri physically and yaoi mentally.

“Well. Here’s the thing. A woman’s physical shortcomings you’ll find out the hard way!”

And then Rust screamed.
My body jumped! Bikun! My body jumped.

Aphrodisiac | Grade B | Active
(At close range, a single attack. Skill to give the target sexual desire)

Oh, man! This is bad!

Damn Rust… has used her Aphrodisiac skill!

The terrifying power of this skill has been tested on Ciel’s body before.

I have to run for my life!
This is the last thing I need!

“Hahaha. I won’t let you!”

She must have felt I was trying to escape.

Rust uses the ribbon from the maid’s uniform to start tying up my limbs.

Plus, something amazing happened there.
What did Rust think? She took a handkerchief out of her pocket… and then…

She put the rolled-up handkerchief in my mouth.

“You can’t even ask for help with this, can you?”
“Mogaa… mogaa…”

What the hell?
What the hell? What the hell?

Her handkerchief is stuck in my throat and I can’t breathe.

Now I couldn’t even talk, even less run away.

What in the world?
Demons enslaved by Monster Tamer aren’t supposed to harm their master.

Then why is this letting Rust get away with it?

“Fufufu. After all, this is the fastest way to attack you.”

I saw Rust’s fearless laugh and it made me jump.

I see.
In other words, this situation can be seen as “part of a special game” rather than a “treason from a demon”.

You thought of that, Rust!

So, Rust had forced the break in the rules by replacing the violence against her master with a BDSM game.

“Get ready, Kazehaya Souta. Tonight, I will repay the humiliation I have suffered so far, multiplied by a thousand.”

There’s nothing more I can do…
Having lost the freedom of my members, I have no way of resisting Rust’s evil hand.

I guess the skill “Aphrodisiac” had already passed through my body.
My body was on fire, as if I was waiting for Rust to touch me.

(Anyoneeeee! Save me!!)

It’s the last resort in this situation!

I’ll use my Contact skill to call for help.

Asking for help would naturally mean that they would discover that I have been abusing my “Transformation” skill.

But it didn’t matter anymore.

I’d rather be branded a pervert as a man than continue to be degraded as a woman, which is 10 billion times better.


Vampire | Grade S | LV 173

Vitality: 1732
Strength: 1240
Magic: 1520
Mana: 1428

Fire Magic (advanced), Wind Magic (advanced), Water Magic (advanced), Dark Magic (advanced), Light Magic (intermediate).

As expected, Carolina!
Not even two seconds after calling for help and you’re already here?

The transformed Carolina already seemed to be in full preparation for battle.

Besides, that’s where the miracle happened.

Apparently, the effect of the Transformation skill was unexpectedly short-lived.
At the same time that Carolina entered the room, my form returned to normal.

“…Rust. What the hell does this mean?”

Carolina says that, even as she releases a silent pressure from her entire body.

No wonder Carolina is angry.
On the other hand, the current situation felt like Rust had tied me up to attack my body.

“I-It’s not what it looks like, Carolina-sama!”
“Hou. So, what’s going on…?”
“I was just trying to teach Kazehaya a lesson for abusing his skills to commit lewd acts, and that’s all…”

In case you’re wondering, Rust’s words are 90% true.

But sadly.
The world is a cruel place, and the bad guys are not always brought to justice.

This is even more true when the evidence is misleading, as in this case.

“Who’s being lewd! That’s absurd!”

Carolina, in vampire mode, hit Rust in the face as hard as she could.

That must have left more than a couple of broken teeth.

I’ll have to use my healing magic to cure her later.

But for once, I really didn’t feel much relief.

Rust’s sacrifice managed to save my life, but if I had made one wrong move, I would have been the one who got slammed into the wall.

The effect time seems to be short, and it’s hard to tell who’s watching.

I guess I’d better stop abusing my shape-shifting skill for a while.

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12 thoughts on “OWMB 118 – Transformation Skill (II)

  1. I was too busy laughing at the dialogue to care about the scene or how to describe it.
    These unexpected moments of ridiculousness are one of the things I truly love about this novel.

    Thanks for the chapters.

  2. The illustration look like busty Ishtar try to teach a ‘play’ to busty Ereshkigal… So cute, lewd and erotic…

  3. srsly, i can sense my braincells dying
    getting assaulted?
    just order them to stop
    can’t call for help?
    use the dang communication skill
    hell, send rust in and out of the ball to disorient them

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