Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 143 – Meeting with Rumil

The next morning.
The opportunity fell at my feet at an unexpected moment.

“How strange. There are so many people this morning…”

The “Third Demon Lord’s Army Cafeteria” where I work is a very large place with about four hundred seats, but it is usually never completely full.

This is because the number of members of the New Demon Lord’s Army is only one tenth of the number of members of the Old Demon Lord’s Army, and it is suffering from a serious shortage of personnel.

“Hey, aren’t those guys over there members of the First Division?”
“No way… I thought they were using the ‘Second Cafeteria’!”

Currently there are three dining halls in the Demon Lord’s Castle.
The first cafeteria is only for a limited number of high commanders of the Demon Lord’s Army, the second is only for elite soldiers of the Demon Lord’s Army, and the third is open to all members.

In terms of the number of seats, it would be the first cafeteria < the second cafeteria < the third cafeteria, but the signs are reversed in terms of the quality of the food served.

In short, if the first cafeteria was a French restaurant that you enter only by reservation, the third one is a family restaurant that anyone can easily enter.

“I’m sorry. The chef in the second cafeteria was sick today, so we’ll use this one.”

Rumil Vonnel
Gender: Female
Age: 388

The moment I saw the woman’s name, my heart jumped and accelerated.


There is no doubt about it.
She was the leader of the attack on Saint Bell with the “Demonic Apostles” at the head.

The memory of her hand raising the Adamite Golem and destroying it in an instant is still a trauma to this day.

I never thought I would meet her, who was the commander of the first division of the Demon Lord’s Army, here in this place.

“Hey, you. You there.”

This is not good! This is what happens if you look at someone for that long!
Rumil, who saw me watching her, was calling me.

“D-Do you need anything?”
“I don’t remember seeing you here before. What did you say your name was?”

She’s a real beauty up close.
I hadn’t noticed it when I met her, but she’s sexy, with a good figure and uneven.

“Yes, ma’am. My name is Rust. Rust Trisarti. My affiliation is with the third service department of the Demon Lord’s Army. I am currently working for Yuuko-sama!”

It’s not too late.
Right now, I’m a good member of the newly created Demon Lord’s Army.

If I respond with pride and chest out, I should be able to avoid a situation where my identity is called into question.

“You’re a pretty girl. I like that.”
“Eh… Um…”

Rumil’s hand gently caresses my butt.

I do not know why.
When Mr. Pervert did the same thing to me yesterday, I was able to get rid of him quickly, but this time I accepted it without resistance.

It’s a punishment for an old pervert like Vicious to touch my butt, but it doesn’t feel bad to be touched by a beautiful woman like Rumil.

“Rust, come to my room tonight, dear. I’ll be sure to take good care of you.”

Rumil says that as she rolls her tongue over her lips.
Her hand was still caressing my butt.

Maybe this is… a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Because, it was, wasn’t it?
The challenge for me was how to get into the Demon Lord’s Throne Room.

Rumil, who was considered the strongest of the Demon Lord’s Army division commanders, would definitely have the authority to enter the Throne Room.

If I could successfully approach her, I should be able to enter the throne room and set the conditions to recover Carolina.

I was full of anticipation even when this elder beauty touched my ass.

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