Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 142 – Working at the Demon Lord’s Castle

The day after I passed my interview for the Demon Lord’s Army.
My busy days began when I was placed in a new environment.

“Rust-chan, you look very pretty today too~.”
“Rust-chan. I’ll order some food for the table here!”

I would bring food to the men in the cafeteria who had an excess appetite and libido.

The job I have been given in the new Demon Lord’s Army is “Apprentice Maid”.
Is this uniform designed to attract men or is it just a hobby of the Demon Lord?

Seeing the me-Rust in a frilly maid’s outfit was, to put it mildly, the most erotic and beautiful thing ever.

“Haa. When this battle is over, I will confess to Rust-chan…”
“Hey! I won’t let you get ahead of me! Rust-chan’s body is mine!”

I do my job brilliantly despite the heat of men.

I’m still as popular as ever!

Usually the transformation skill has a limited duration of effect, but I managed to compensate it with a specially made magic potion of recovery by Lemis-san transmitted among the mermaids.

Naturally, members of the new Demon Lord’s Army do not know that my identity is that of a monster tamer who used the Transformation skill.

“Hey, Rust! Why I have to tell you this all the time! Clean and dry the dishes well after washing them!”
“Yes, ma’am head maid!”

It was Yuuko, who was interviewed at the same time as me, who scolded me while wearing the uniform of the new Demon Lord’s Army.

By the way, perhaps because of her position as a former member of the Demon Lord’s Army, Yuuko’s position was “Head Maid”.
In the former Demon Lord’s Army, Yuuko was an “apprentice maid,” but now that she had been chosen for the position of “Head Maid,” one can guess at the shortage of talent in the new Demon Lord’s Army.

“Rust-kun. I have heard of your reputation among the new Demon Lord’s Army. It seems that my decision to hire you was right after all.”
“Vicious-san!? Yes, sir! Thanks to you, I’ve found a great place to work.”

When I was taking orders at one of the tables, I met the interviewer, Mr. Pervert.
I later discovered that this Mr. Pervert seems to be a reasonably powerful demon who controls the staff of the newly created Demon Lord’s Army.

“And by the way, I got some good wine in town that we submitted… Would you like to have a drink in my room tonight?”

Mr. Pervert’s hand reached out to touch my ass.

“…I’m sorry. I’ll be busy. Can we do it later, please?”

Keh! I can’t let my guard down or have an opening.
If Mr. Pervert pressures me to have physical relations, I will threaten to tell him a story about how I was harassed in the new Demon Lord’s Army.

Right now, I’ve become quite popular in the new Demon Lord’s Army, and even Mr. Pervert shouldn’t be able to dismiss me easily.


This is an important operation to get Carolina back, but I’m also stealing some looks from others at work…

The prerequisite for getting Carolina into the capsule ball was to reduce the distance to the target monster to a radius of about five meters.

Contact | Grade D | Passive
(A skill that allows the user to have a mental conversation with the enslaved monster. It is effective within a 50-meter radius of the user).

If I only want to have a conversation through the contact skill, I can do it by approaching within 50 meters.

The Demon Lord’s Castle is huge, but if I had a map at hand and used my contact skill, I would find Carolina at some point.

“The only place I can think of is here…”

There was one thing that became clear in today’s search.
The only place left in the Demon Lord’s Castle that I had not examined was the Throne Room, which was the center of the castle.

Only the Demon Lord himself and some leaders could enter the Throne Room.

“…Wait for me, Carolina.”

Naturally, I could not afford to take it easy and work until I was promoted to a higher position.
When I found out where Carolina was, I looked for a way to get into the throne room.

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