Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 97 – VS Salamander


It’s a dungeon.

Inside the cave that Rust had taken me, was a scene that could only be described as such.

“Wow. There’s so much magma exposed there…”

I thought it was too hot, and it was the magma that had formed a pond.

This brings back memories.
In the game worlds, if you step on the magma floor, you lose HP, but now that I think about it, it seems like an unreal scenario.

I think, if you step on magma, losing HP would be the least of your worries.

“This way, Kazehaya-san. Kururu-sama is over there, behind that door.”

This time, we cannot move with large numbers of people because the level of danger is so different.
That’s why we were acting like a team of Carolina, Rust, and me.

I wonder why, though.
Somehow, I miss that silly side of Aphrodite, the one that interrupts the viciously serious atmosphere.

“Master! Up there!”

Salamander | Grade C | LV 25/25

Vitality: 318
Strength: 272
Magic: 215
Mana: 153

Fire Breath

What the…!
That monster is…!

When I looked in the direction Carolina had pointed, I saw a huge lizard monster almost 15-feet long.


The salamander is glued to the ceiling above the doors, but it also makes strange noises to intimidate us.

I see.
Apparently, we have to defeat the Salamander to open the door.

“I understand. This dragon is a monster prepared by Kururu to attack us.”
“No. You’re wrong, Kazehaya. This salamander’s name is Stephanie, and she’s Kururu-sama’s pet.”
“…A pet?”
“That’s right. Stephanie loves me so much she’d never hurt me. Needless to say, I’ve been the one feeding her for over a year. I hope you’ll be relieved.”

Is it really okay?
No matter how you think about it, she doesn’t seem to have any favoritism towards us…

“You don’t seem very convinced.”
“Yeah, because it looks like she’s gonna attack us any minute, doesn’t it?”
“Chitchi. Surely, by nature, Stephanie would never let an intruder through, yet she is a smart girl. Once she recognizes the smell, she does no harm to the person she’s dealing with.”

I see.
That’s a relief… as if I believed it!

The reason for Rust’s claim that it would be okay was “because she would remember her smell”?!

Surely, if it had been the previous Rust, it wouldn’t have been attacked by the Salamander.

But, nevertheless.
Since she has her gender changed and took the form of a beautiful girl, doesn’t that mean her smell has changed too?

I can’t be wrong!
There’s no way a man’s body and a beautiful Succubus girl’s body can smell the same!

It was right after I felt uncomfortable.
Recklessly, Rust approaches the Salamander.

“Now, now. Stephanie. Come play with me. We’re on your side.”

Ah, Rust, you idiot!
If you approach like that, I’m sure…

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwww! It’s hot! It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot! Why? Why are you doing this, Stephanie?!”

That’s why I said you to stay away!
Rust was lying on the floor in a daze when he was hit by the Salamander’s breath attack.

It’s not good to leave Rust, whose status is not high, like this.
Now that her guidance work is done, let’s get her back in the ball.

“Caro, can you get up there and knock the salamander down?”
“Yeah. I mean, it’s not impossible, but…”

That’s weird.
If it had been as usual, Carolina would have said “I understand” and acted immediately, but this time, the response seemed to be somewhat forced.

“The amount of time I can fight with all my might after using my transformation is limited to about 10 minutes a day. If I use it here, the battle with Kururu will be harder.”
“I see…”

I didn’t know that.
Carolina’s transformed mode was unbeatable, but there was a demerit with it, too, wasn’t there?

Spending MPs on a random enemy before a battle with the boss is a trap for novice players.

“…Then you leave me no choice, take this!”

So, the monster I summoned was the Mad Mash.

The Mad Mash with its “Dust of Disorder” that puts the opponent in heat will be able to attract the Salamander that is stuck to the ceiling.


The “Dust of Disorder” released by the Mad Mash umbrella is directed at the salamander.


But, nevertheless.
The Fire breath released from the salamander’s mouth burns off the Dust of Disorder.

“Mad Maaaash!?”

The Mad Mash rushes back to the ball after a fiery Salamander attack.

Oh, that was close.
Can that breath of fire reach that far?

Thanks to that, I was able to get out of range, but I’m worried about the damage Mad Mash might have received.

Eagerly, I checked its condition.

Kazehaya Souta.

Job: Monster Tamer
Level: 576
Vitality: 262
Strength: 97
Magic: 208
Mana: 2993

Absolute Control

Capsule Ball, Appraisal Eyes, Demon Combination, Contact, Soul Manipulation, Borrowing Skill.

Enslaved Monsters:

Carolina Burton
Ciel O’telrod
Rust Trizarti
Adamite Golem
Winged Lizard
Goblin Knight x15
Light Mash x6
Fire Fox x4
Mad Mash

Thank goodness for that.
The name of Mad Mash is still there.

He was able to escape a fatal wound at the last moment.
Now then, the healing effect of the Capsule Ball will naturally make him feel more energetic.

I’m really happy that Mad Mash is okay.

We can’t afford to lose Mad Mash yet.
Since this guy has the “Dust of Disorder” skill, you can do several things in combination with Borrowing Skill.


Okay, I know what to do!
I’ve already come up with an idea to defeat Salamander.

Thank you, Mad Mash.
Thanks to you, I feel I’ve made a breakthrough.

“Caro, stay there and catch me!”

Originally, I would have liked to explain a little more, but I don’t have time for that now.
You never know when the next Fire Breath will come.

I summoned Adamite Golem from inside the ball and decided to ride on his palm.

“Let’s goooo!”

I use my Contact skill to send an order, and Adamite Golem throws my body with his big arm.

I have become a human cannon, and the distance between me and salamander is getting shorter.


Of course, it won’t let me get that close, will it?

Salamander opened its mouth wide and expelled a scorching breath.


Carolina seems to be worried, but so far, it’s within my expectations.

Fire Attribute Attack Immunity | Grade A | Passive
(An Skills that cancels out fire damage).

I temporarily borrowed the “Fire Attribute Attack Immunity” skill from Adamite Golem with “Borrowing Skill”!

Really, it doesn’t burn!

I don’t feel any change being in the fire.

I pass through the fire breath and throw the Capsule Ball.

I guess Salamander didn’t think I’d come out of the fire unscathed.

Salamander’s huge body was wonderfully absorbed by the small capsule ball.

(Gaaaaaaaahhh! So-something came in!)
(How scary! It’s gigantic!)

Immediately afterwards.
The cries of Aphrodite and Ciel were heard from inside the ball.

Certainly, if a salamander appeared in front of you suddenly, you would be scared too.
I will explain the situation later.

“Uh-oh. Thank you, Caro.”

As expected, Carolina!
The worry of having done this was the great fall damage, but thanks to Carolina’s response, we were able to bring it down to a minimum.

This way it’s… a little embarrassing since it’s like being carried like a princess…

(… I don’t know. I wonder if it’s just my imagination. Lately… it seems the Master looks more and more like him)

As I was being held, I could hear Carolina’s voice filtering out of her mind.

Wait a second.
Who the hell do you mean by “him”?

As usual, Carolina makes some significant statements.

This kind of thing seems a little dumb if pursued too deeply.
I took the Ball with Salamander inside and headed straight for the door.

Encyclopedia: No. 54.
Race: Dragon
Grade: C
Level: 1
Vitality: 185
Strength: 150
Magic: 110
Mana: 95

Fire Breath

A monster of a medium species of the dragon race.
It has a breathtaking attack and incredible vitality.
It has the potential to evolve into a flying dragon by increasing its level.

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