Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 98 – VS The Dragon Empress

“To~ think~ it~ was~ you~, Carolina!”

Kururu Cagnac (クルル・カニャック)
Sex: Female
Age: 378

When I opened the door, I found a huge woman, almost two meters tall, in the great hall at the back.

Her face, which was as swollen as a Daifuku, deviated quite a bit from the word beautiful for a Dragon Empress.

What about this monster…!
She’s really in human mode, not in the form of demon, right?

The disparity in appearance with Carolina, who also belongs to the demon race, is tremendous.

“Souta-kun… how did you get here…!”

What the hell does this mean?
Beside the Dragon Empress stood the figure of Rikku-san, who had been crucified at a stake with her entire body wounded.

“Ha. That woman over there. I caught her sneaking around, so I caught her and now I’m in the middle of an interrogation.”
“An… interrogation…?”
“Yes. Just listen~. Just the other day, Rust-chan, that handsome boy I’d been taking care, ran away. I think I have a lead on who might have hurt him. I can’t think of anyone but nosy demon hunters! That’s why I want to get information out of this woman about Rust-chan.”

What’s up with that?
I can’t believe Rikku-san was in trouble just because I took Rust…!

This is what happened when you dared to go against Kururu.

“…Souta-kun! There’s no time to lose! Get out of here! Kururu is no match for a mere adventurer!
“Huhuhu. I won’t let you do that~. There are a lot of things I need to ask you too.”

The next moment Kururu snapped his fingers.

With a thud, the door began to close.
I expected this, but it seems that Kururu was not going to let me go so easily.

“You are the Monster Tamer who captured Carolina… Do you know where my Rust is?”

I don’t think there’s much to discuss here.

There isn’t, right?
Kururu’s attachment to Rust was greater than I expected.

I don’t think there’s any hope for a peaceful resolution, no matter how hard we try now.

“Oh, yes. I know where you can find him.”
“…Really!? Tell me where!”

She heard my answer and jumped up after gulping while screaming violently.

“Come on… I need an answer, and I need it now! I’m not very picky. Depending on your answer, I’ll at least let you choose the least painful way to die.”
“Oh, yes. Wait a minute, I’ll get him out.”
“Uh… take him out?”
“That man is on my ball right now.”

It will be quicker to let people see these things with their own eyes than to explain them.
That’s why I decided to summon Rust from inside the ball and show it to Kururu.

“E-E-Excuse me, Kururu-sama.”

As expected from Rust!
He doesn’t lose his temper!

Summoned in front of Kururu, Rust was shaking like a newborn fawn.

“…What are you saying? Who is this? She looks like a maid. Don’t use my name so lightly!”
“It’s me, Rust. For certain reasons, I’m a woman now, but I’m definitely Rust Trizarti.”

A shocking revelation has now been revealed!
Kururu turned red with anger when she realized that her favorite subordinate had changed sex.

“Hey, sorcerer! I don’t know what the hell this is all about! Why is my cute little Rust-chan now a bitch who seems to want to flirt with men?!”
“It was for personal reasons. But now your subordinate will work for me as a beautiful Succubus girl!”
“Don’t-Don’t be kidding me!”

She probably invoked the power of “Demonization”.
Enraged, Kururu’s body expanded, and her already great length became even more enormous.

Zumeu | Grade S | LV 223.

Vitality: 3032
Strength: 1940
Magic: 1220
Mana: 1528

Fire Magic (Advanced), Wind Magic (Intermediate), Water Magic (Intermediate), Dark Magic (Advanced)

What the hell is going on… with that status?

With the exception of Aphrodite, this is the first time I’ve seen anyone with a status over 3,000.

In general, it is likely to be slightly above Carolina status in demonic form.
In any case, there is no doubt that she is an outstanding enemy.

If I were to describe the appearance of the monster called Zumeu in one sentence, “Giant Lizard Man” would be appropriate.

However, there is not as much beauty in those eyes as in those of a Lizard Man.
Her gaze was as sharp as that of a carnivorous beast.

“Sorcerer, did you know?”

Kururu smiles as she opens her jaw like an alligator.

“The thing I love most in this world is handsome guys… and the thing I hate most is young girls!”

An exasperated Kururu kicked the ground hard and lunged at me.

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