The next day.

I headed to the town of Saint Bell to achieve my goal of getting a beautiful slave girl.

[… So why did you come with me?]

Next to me was the beautiful figure of Aphrodite wearing clothes to go out.

For our slave, I want to carefully and meticulously choose a girl that matches my fantasy.

I convinced the other members that (I wanted to go alone) not to interfere.

For some reason, Aphrodite just didn’t walk away from me with stubbornness.

[It’s normal to me to come! You’re going to a slave shop alone… I can feel the danger.]

[Why? Maybe you’re worried someone will attack me? Don’t worry about that, you can come back.]

[Don’t you think you’re misunderstanding? Of course, I wouldn’t worry about that!]

[So, what are you worried about?]

When I ask her, somehow Aphrodite turns her face away.

[“Whatever happens, I’ll get a beautiful slave and do something erotic to her”, Isn’t that what Souta thinks?]

[Wow! But that’s not all.]

[Are you aiming at a slave harem with 100 beautiful girls? Let me tell you something… I absolutely cannot accept that such a thing happens in front of my eyes!]


Even if I deny it with my mouth, you’ve really read my mind.

This goddess… Why will she become competent only when it’s inconvenient for me?

[Oh, Souta, aren’t the funds you’re about to use the ones we all get by working with the sweat of our brow?]

[I know, but I can find one person who can do the housework by myself.]

[I wonder if it’s true, I won’t let you be influenced by personal desires in this!]

Damn it.

I feel like I’ve just been beaten up…

It’s gonna be harder and harder to do what I want on my own.

So, whatever happens… I’ll find a pretty slave who knows how to do all kinds of housework.

Aphrodite won’t be able to do anything if I make a harem out of pretty slaves who can do all the housework.

[Hey… Did you hear? What they’re saying now about Bakuraja’s business.]

[Oh, I know, it seems the business’ performance has been growing considerably since its founder disappeared.]

[A rumor has it that the new leader has changed a lot, he’s quite a hard worker.]

[It’s a good shop, I wish my shop had the status of Bakuraja’s business.]

Talking around the city.

The conversation of two people who seem to be merchants came to my attention.

Bakuraja’s business was a company that had problems with us before.

A man named Bakuraja Ackerman, who was quite unpleasant, was transformed into a Werewolf with my ability to combine demons, and now he is working for me.

[…. Now that I think about it, Bakuraja’s business was slave trading.]

I decided to visit Bakuraja’s business today, since it’s just what we were looking for. I wonder what happened to his business after the boss went away… I was quite curious to find out what happened.

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6 thoughts on “OWMB 85 – Let's Buy Slaves

  1. Error?
    Bakuraja’s business is was a company that had problems with us before. -> Bakuraja’s business was a company that had problems with us before.

    Thanks for the treats.

  2. Why is he letting her push him around? he could just [order] her to sit at home until he returns and she could not resist, and this guy is super beta not doing anything to the girls, if I had a dick I would have f*cked them already.

    1. She’s a goddess, remember? If and when the “curse” limiting her actions wears off, what do you think will happen?

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