“Wh-What is this?!”

So, after 30 minutes.

When I finally entered the Bakuraja Slave Trading House building, there was a spectacular scene in front of me.


It’s a casino.

There was an entertaining gaming center, which could only be described as a casino, coming into our view, although we should only have entered the slave paradise.

Poker, bingo, slots, roulette… etc.

All those popular games were in this casino.

“Amazing! Wonderful! I… had always wanted to play in a casino at least once!”

That said Aphrodite as her eyes glowed and sparkled.

I remembered something she said earlier.

The heavenly world where Aphrodite lived seemed to be a place where there was not much to entertain and it was much more boring compared to this world.

So, um, I don’t understand Aphrodite’s feelings of worship towards the casino.

“This is strange. If it’s a slave-trading house… Why is there a casino here?”

“All right. Hey, Souta! Get the money out quick! I’m playing in the casino today!”


If… if I don’t stand firm…

Aphrodite seems to have completely forgotten the purpose of today’s visit.

Certainly you… weren’t you the one who said before that we shouldn’t spend on whims?

“Well, well. Customer-sama, is this your first time in the store?”

Rust Trizalti

Gender: Male

Age: 84

When I turned to the voice that spoke, there was a completely handsome man.

Huh? 84 years old?!

What does this mean?

He looks like a teenager or a twenty-year-old, but…

He looks like a human, so he belongs to a long-lived race?

“Umm, you are?”

“Excuse me. My name is Rust. I own this casino and the Bakuraja Slave Trading House.”


I see.

This guy is the new owner that was rumored?

It is said that the presentation of the Bakuraja Slave Trading House was different since the change of ownership, but is this the only reason?

“You see, I’ve heard that you can buy slaves in this shop…”

“Of course, you can. All the female staff working in this store are products. If the customer-sama wins a game, he can buy her favorite slave girl she sees.”

“Hm. Eh…!?”

When I look closer, I see sings with prices of ‘1 million tokens’ and ‘3 million tokens’ hanging from the necks of girls in bunny suits.

This means that all these beautiful ladies in bunny suits… can you take them all home?!


This is a dream that has gone beyond.

“Do you get tokens when you win at games?”

“Oh, you know it well. Our casino system has been quite popular with our wealthiest customers. We are now number one in sales among the slave trading houses in Saint Bell.”

Finally, the dots come together.

The reason Bakuraja Trading House has improved is here.

The spirit of the casino is alive, and it seems to be more lucrative helping sales, being better than selling the slaves in the normal way.

In other words… this could be the same as the gacha gaming type.

“Tokens can be purchased at our counter. Now then, customer-sama, please enjoy our store fully.”

The man named Rust is leaving us after telling us that.

“…Souta, that man just now… was a demon like Caro.”

“A demon?! Why is there a demon here?!”

“I don’t know! Don’t ask me!”

That reason convinced me why his appearance didn’t match his age.

Why is there a demon working as a casino owner?

Why would that be?

In this world there must be other good demons like Carolina.

Just because the other side is a demon, it’s not good to judge them for it.

I don’t want to be the only unhappy person here even though there’s a demon that works his ass off. Thinking about that, I decided to play in the casino to get the slaves I wanted.

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6 thoughts on “OWMB 86 – First Time in the Casino

  1. Thanks for the chapter, the best way to make a win-win situation in the eyes of customer…

  2. He forgot two gambling rule of Isekai and also a real world, one, don’t play Casino in both world except you have a huge tremendous luck or skill that can make you win legally, and two, if you win several time, stop playing for a while or go to other Casino or you will get a huge problem…

  3. In all casinos, the casino has the advantage. When they don’t, they can accuse the gambler of cheating. And that could end very, very badly.

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