About an hour has passed since the battle with Magma Rock.

As before, we continued to climb the mountain without finding a dragon.

[Souta-san, if we don’t return soon the turtle vehicle will be gone.]

[…I know.]

Although going down will be easier than going up, the time we can use to explore is very short, even if we take that into consideration.


Aphrodite seems happy to get the fragments of Magma Rock, but I’m not happy at all.

It is too uncomfortable for me that the only thing I managed to capture was Lizardmen, even though they are quite a lot.


There’s nothing else?

Right now, it doesn’t have to be a dragon.

If I get a good catch that’s worth the trip, I could descend right back home.

[What is that…?]

When I was considering that.

We could see some buildings made of wood in the middle of the mountain.

Is it a resting place for adventurers? I thought about it, but it seems quite strange.

The hut had a strange shape that would make you think: “A witch lives there?”

[Oooooh! This is amazing!]

Sheryl, who suddenly raised her voice, started running towards the hut.

[Did you see anything, Sheryl?]

[This hut is amazing! Everything in it is a craft made by a series of advanced techniques! It’s bad to have it on this mountain! It feels like the spirit of the craftsmen is slowly dying!]

[Oh, I see.]

Is that bad?

Sheryl, who had her eyes glowing, looked as excited as she did at the mineral collecting quest.

Sheryl, who was very much into her hobby, entered the hut without thinking.

[It looks like the door is open… Hey Souta, let’s take a break, I feel very tired.]

[Yes, I was thinking the same thing… We’ve walked quite a bit; I feel my feet could go numb.]

Then, let’s take a short break at the hut and then continue on our way.

We’ve found a rather strange hut, but everyone seems to be happy and this place looks quite peaceful.


[Wow, this is amazing…]

When we entered the hut, a pile of empty bottles that filled the floor jumped into my field of vision.

[A couch! There’s a couch! Fuu~ It’s really fluffy! With this, I can survive…]


I still think it’s strange.

There’s evidence that someone lived in this hut until recently.

If so, who was it? Why?

I wonder if they really live here, in such a remote place.

[… Don’t move, I’m a demon hunter.]

Shortly after I had that doubt.

A woman’s voice echoed across the room.

Rikku Gerbert

Race: Gnome

Age: 23

When I looked at the person who spoke, there was a woman wearing a hood.

She looked at us with a knife in Carolina’s neck.


I can’t believe it.

No way Carolina can be in that situation…!

No, did she just say she’s a “Demon Hunter”?

Why would she discover Carolina’s identity?

I thought only gods like Aphrodite could discover the human disguise that Caroline wore.

[Other human beings, why?! Why are you working with demons if you’re humans?]

The hooded woman asks angrily.

To be exact, a goddess is with us too, but I’ll keep quiet as that would make things much more confusing.

[That voice… Is that you, teacher?]

[She-Sheryl! Why are you here?]

The woman named Rikku saw Sheryl, showing a surprised expression, removed her hood.


Now that I remember, I’ve heard of her before.

Sheryl’s teacher is a great blacksmith and adventurer, and it was said that she disappeared two years ago when she was on her way to a demon subjugation quest.

Originally, Sheryl began to accompany us on our journey as a purpose to find her teacher.

[… I’ll explain everything right now, so why you don’t let go of our partner for a moment?]


When I tried to persuade Rikku, she reluctantly sheathed her knife.

Good, good.

Where should I start from?

Of course, I thought of not telling her all the things that have happened, but it’s still risky for her to think I’m lying to her. So, I decided to explain what happened to this day in an honest way.

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