[—Oh, all that happened?]

I decided to explain to Rikku several things that happened to us.

Of course, I can’t tell her everything, so I told some lies.

First of all, I don’t know anyone but Aphrodite, of course since I was summoned to this world.

[Souta-kun, first I must say thank you. Thank you for saving Sheryl. She wasn’t supposed to do something like that while I was away from Saint Bell…]

[No. We both benefit from having saved her, so it’s okay.]

Originally, Sheryl and I met when slave traders were collecting her parents’ debts.

Rikku-san seemed sad, thinking she was responsible for Sheryl falling into such a dilemma.

[… That’s why you are been accompanied by a monster, Carolina, who was trapped in Bakuraja’s shop.]

[That’s right, Caro isn’t an evil demon like you think, Rikku-san!]

[Hmm… I’ve certainly heard very bad rumors about Bakuraja, your brave behavior is commendable.]

It was good.

Persuading her with my words, it seems that Rikku-san has believed what I said.

It seems I was able to hide what I wanted properly.

But soon after I calmed my heart down.

[But it’s a shame… no matter what the circumstances, I can’t let a demon go.]


Rikku-san pulled a twin sword from his waist and jumped towards Carolina.

Carolina, who was surprised, quickly took up a fighting position, repelling Rikku-san.

[Wow!… Unlike before, you have a great speed of reaction! But your friends made me back off earlier anyway!]

[Rikku-san… Why?]

[Souta-kun, you’re committing a misunderstanding, there are no good demons in this world, she’s just deceiving on you!]



Rikku-san is wrong.

I do not believe Carolina is an evil demon.

If Carolina was really an evil demon, she would have killed me for using her before.

[Now I know! Because of the way you fight… You’re a veteran demon of the Demon Lord’s army! Right?]

[Caro is not like Rikku-san thinks!]

A veteran demon of the Demon Lord’s army?

That’s not true!

The gentle Caroline I know couldn’t cooperate with an organization as terrible as the Demon Lord’s army.

I’m sure Rikku-san is in a misunderstanding.

[Master, please stay back. There’s no point in saying that to someone who hates demons.]

[… I understand.]

I’m going to trust Carolina as far as I can.

That’s why I decided to keep quiet to watch the two of them fight.

[Hmm, it’s a pretty strong attack for a human.]

I also noticed what Carolina said.

Rikku-san skillfully manipulates the two swords she has, even if you compare her to another human.

I who got a goddess and gained a lot of experience, my speed statistics could be on par with Rikku-san.

[Kuu. Reduce!]

[A good move, I must pay my respects to you… so I will fight seriously]

She stated immediately after Carolina attacked.

A pair of bat wings grew on her back, while two large fangs poked out of her mouth.

Vampire | S Grade | LV 173

Vitality 1732

Strength 1240

Magic 1520

Mana 1428


Fire Magic (Advanced), Wind Magic (Advanced), Water Magic (Advanced)

Dark Magic (Advanced), Light Magic (Intermediate)

What was in front of me was someone who has abandoned his human form: Carolina has become a vampire.

In conclusion, the fierce fight between those two people will become really serious.

Carolina’s fist, which was in vampire mode, hit Rikku’s side.


Apparently, Carolina’s punch that exceeds 1000 in strength seems to have an unimaginable power.


It’s too much!

Did she die from a blow?!

Rikku-san, who was attacked by Carolina, seemed to be in a daze, as well as having blood coming out of her mouth.

[Don’t worry, I extended my hand at the moment of impact so as not to kill her.]

[Well, that’s okay, I think that’s good.]

[But… If you leave her as she is, she will lose her life in less than an hour because of the bleeding.]

[That’s not good at all!]

Carolina doesn’t care at all about people other than me.

[Hey, Caro, can you use your magic to heal Rikku-san’s wound?]

[Please, I must find out what she has! Certainly, my teacher is someone amazing… But for her to hate demons so much, there must be something happened!]

[I understand. I will take immediate action.]

I assumed that she had predicted this situation.

When I convinced Carolina, she worked on Rikku-san’s treatment quickly. That way, we decided to wait for Rikku-san’s wound to heal.

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