Other World’s Monster Breeder

Chapter 73 – Epilogue ~The house of their dreams ~

I think I’ll tell you about this.
The traitorous hero. It was a while after the battle against Gard Westburg ended.

Thinking about a lot of things… I decided to buy the residence where Yuuko lived.

Because of rumors that Yuuko attacked the demon hunters several times, gossip that 『The demons have taken over this mansion』 ran easily, causing the property’s value to drop quite a bit.

When I was listening to Yuuko’s story I thought,『Why not?』.

It was a nice miscalculation that everything worked out this way.

According to Carolina, the value of this mansion appears to be more than 5 billion kol, but the price at which we bought it was about a tenth of that amount.

Where did we get that money from?
Of course, the reward we received from the Mineral Collection Quest.

I used 90% of the assets in this case, but I think it was worth buying.

[ Hey! Why does a goddess have to clean?]

[Ze… Ha… Thiz corridor… Iz long, too long.]

Right now.
We were cleaning the residence hall, as it had not been used for a long time.

Aphrodite and Sheryl were doing Zoukin Gaken* in the hallway, getting to rest at halfway.
(TN: Zoukin Gake, that’s the way you look at wood floor cleaning in animes, where they run down with a rag in the hands of.)

[I absolutely agree with you, why should the power of a demon be used by a human being?]

【Keep working】

[Gouuuu…. You’re an abusive demon. I’ll remember it!]

When I say the right command, Yuuko reluctantly resumes the cleanliness I gave her.

Yuuuko, who can fly freely through the sky, has the job of removing the cobwebs that formed on the roof.
(TN: You have four beautiful girls… and you make them clean? Dude, you have problems. . -.)

[[[Gobuuu! Gobuuuu!]]]

By the way, we also have the help of some demons for the house cleaning job.

Of course, not only the body of Goblins I have, but also the familiar Ghouls of Yuuko are supporting us.

When I met them, I smelled a rotten egg, but that smell only seems to be emitted by the Ghoul when they are alert.
In essence, they look like skunks.

[… Master, is it really okay for me to have such a valuable book?]

[Yes. If I leave it in the mansion, it would be wasted.]

Carolina has the job of picking out books to take to the inside of the ball.

It’s true.

Several of the things they wanted were in the mansion, including the books that Carolina wanted.

Actually, that’s one of the reasons I decided to buy it.

Well, there was a feeling of guilt about locking the girls inside the ball, and I thought they’d want a big house.

In addition, if we have such a mansion, it is not necessary to move into the forest to verify skills, and I can also create a training camp for demons.

In this way, I managed to complete the three tasks that were in the expansion plan of the sphere.


The next morning after cleaning up the residence hall.

Er… How did this happen?
When I opened my eyes, there were three beautiful girls sleeping in the same bed as me.

[Munyamunya… Souta… Is that rice?…]

[Master, you’ve realized the truth…]

[Kotaro… No, I don’t want you to lick… that place…]

Three people were on top of my body, even though I was told that this would never happen again.

I can feel my heart racing.

Let me go! Let me go!
You can’t sleep when these beautiful girls are hugging you!

Why is that?
The equipment that the three of you requested should have been enough to stay on the ball, and instead my private room is being invaded…

Looks like my life hasn’t changed, even though I’ve expanded the equipment inside the ball.

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  1. As much as I’m grateful for you translating this, please fix all the misused he, i cannot count how many time you use he to address Yuuko.

  2. If he is the only one cleaning people will still complain . They would call him a beta just the stereotypical japanese protagonist.

  3. He should just tell them that if they join him in his bed then it means it’s their fault if:’something’ happens 😉😏

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