Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 150 – “Tragic News”

After safely getting the pendant, I decided to head straight for the deepest part of the Demon Lord’s Castle, the Throne Room.

The pendant on my palm glows with heat.
Perhaps if I point in the direction where the light is strongest, I will reach the Throne Room.

“Here it is…!”

I find the point where the light shines the brightest and press the pendant against the section of the wall.

Immediately after that.
An unusual cave space appears on the wall just now.

“What is this…?”

What was behind the hole was a strange sight that was out of this world.

Here it is!
I’m familiar with this kind of mysterious space, this kind of atmosphere that separates you from the outside world in the final battle of an RPG.

Meteorite-like objects were floating around me, and I felt like I was in space.

Carolina burton
Gender: Female
Age: 372
Status: Weakened

When crossing the corridor between the mysterious space, the person I wanted to find was there.


I screamed out loud and ran straight for Carolina.

Maybe she hadn’t eaten anything for days.
Chained to her hands and feet, Carolina looked in bad shape.

“Mas… ter…”

When she noticed my presence, she raised a voice that seemed like it was about to disappear.

I’m going…!
I’m almost there …!

It was right after Carolina and I were about to go within five meters, which was just the right distance to get her on the ball.

Gender: Male
Age: 502

“My, my. I didn’t think a human would get here.”

A man blocked my way.

The moment I saw the figure of the man, my heart jumped up and down.

What the hell… is wrong with this guy?

It’s the first time we’ve met, but I feel like we already know each other.

The Demon Lord Iblis.

Even I, who was not familiar with Adelheid’s history, had heard that name many times.

There is no doubt.
The man in front of me now is the Demon Lord who once ruled this world.

But I do not know why.
Somehow, I feel like I’ve known him forever.

“Kazehaya Souta-kun, right?”

An enthusiastic masculine voice.

The same goes for his voice.
This should have been the first time I’ve heard his voice, but for some reason it doesn’t feel that way at all.

“I’m glad. I would have come to see you if you hadn’t come. This saves me a lot of trouble.”

The Demon Lord, who was blocking my way, smiled and gave a creepy laugh.

“Get out of my way. I am here to help her.”
“Fufufu. It’s okay. There is no need to rush. I have used a special magic to keep her just in that condition.”

Dammit! What do you mean “okay”?
He says what he wants just because he keeps Carolina in that state!

“I would like to talk to you. Maybe you feel strange after seeing my body for the first time in a while?”
“…What do you mean?”
“Haha! I knew it. I guess you haven’t realized it yet. Demon Lord Iblis… that was your name in a previous life.”

A shocking new revelation was said.

“‘Tragic News.’ My identity is that of the Demon Lord!”

I do not know why.
That should have been impossible, but Iblis’s words made sense inside me.


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