Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 148 – VS Rumil (I)

The fierce battle between Crow and the demonic apostles continued.

“Too late!”

Surrounded by a group of enemies, Crow took a great leap and destroyed the body of one of the demonic apostles with an aerial blow.

“Holy Stardust Blade!”

The sacred sword that Crow wielded threw the bodies of the Demonic Apostles one after another while moving at an unstoppable speed.

“Divine Saber Magic Sword!”

The other magic sword that Crow wielded tore the bodies of the Demonic Apostles wrapped in strong armor one after the other.

Crow made full use of his natural cheat ability to defeat the Demonic Apostles with a crash.
But this success could not last forever.

By the time he had defeated about fifty Demonic Apostles, his body gradually slowed down, and by the time he had accumulated one hundred defeats, he had one knee on the ground and was breathing hard.

“Kukuku. I am amazed. I did not believe that there was anyone like you…”

Rumil Vonnel
Gender: Female
Age: 388

A beauty in a military uniform and eye patch blocked the passage leading to the Throne Room in the Demon Lord’s Castle.

“Despite being an enemy, your skills are worth it. What do you think? You’ll have all the money you want. How would you like to work for the Demon Lord’s Army?”
“Nonsense. Do you think you can fool me with that?”
“So, what do you want? Women? When you join the Demon Lord’s Army, I’ll have as my entourage the best beauties in the service corps.”

Don’t hesitate!

Ah, shit!
I was an idiot for thinking he was a little cool after seeing the fight earlier.

Crow’s agitation, with his face red up to his ears, made me ashamed of how much of a virgin he was.

“I see. If you don’t want to join our military ranks, then there’s nothing to do about it. I’ll make you disappear in the name of the Demon Lord!”

The next moment, when I smiled ironically, the figure of Rumil disappeared from my sight.


The attack of the Demon Apostles was also surprising, but Rumil’s fighting ability was even better.


Although Crow managed to avoid a deadly wound, he was hit by Rumil’s axe and rolled to the ground.

“That’s enough, Rumil-san!”

If the fighting continues at this rate, Crow could die.
I decided to go ahead and stand in front of Rumil.

“Rust? How did you end up here? Didn’t you and your service group have orders to stay in the subway shelter?”
“Rumil-san. You have already lost. Surrender and give no more trouble.”

Thank you, Crow.
I’ll take care of the rest, and you get some rest.

Thanks to you, now it only remains for me to have my turn.

“Why? The Demon Apostles… Why are they turning against me?”

A total of 15 Demon Apostles pointed their spears at her, and Rumil seemed unhappy about it.

No wonder she is confused.

Even she would not have suspected that the maid before her was a monster tamer, a spy in the Demon Lord’s Army.

So, I check the status screen.

Kazehaya Souta

Job: Monster tamer
Level: 607(↑12)
Vitality: 283(↑8)
Strength: 102(↑2)
Magic: 242(↑6)
Mana: 3153(↑60)

Absolute Control.

Appraisal Eyes, Capsule Ball, Demon Combination, Contact, Mental Manipulation, Transformation, Borrowing Skill.

Enslaved Monsters:

Carolina Burton
Ciel O’Telrod
Rust Trisarti
Lemis Littlefold
Goblin Knight x15
Light Mash x6
Fire Fox x4
Mad Mash
Spy Fish
Demon Apostle x 15

On the status screen, a new monster, the Demon Apostle, was added to the monster column, and my level had been elegantly increased.

That’s right.
The purpose of my joining the Demon Lord’s army was not just to gather information.

The Demon Apostles, who were the strongest soldiers in the Demon Lord’s army, were also destined to be captured by the Capsule Ball.

“What are you doing? ¡Obey! Why don’t you listen to my orders?”
“My purpose is the pendant you wear, Rumil-san. I will not take your life if you offer it to me meekly.”
“…Rust. I cannot believe that you have betrayed me.”

Suddenly, a chill runs down my spine.

T-This is the Rumil’s killer instinct, who was called the strongest demon…

Obviously, it is not on the same level as the opponents I have fought before.

I must not let it overwhelm me!
If I were to get scared and turn my back on her here, all the efforts my friends have made so far would be futile.

“I have not betrayed you, for after all, I was never on your side. I have been working with this intention from the beginning all along.”

It was good to say it clearly here.
The fact that I have been deceiving her is not going to change, no matter how I explain it.


The mask of Rumil, who had been playing the role of “gentle boss” until now, was broken, and her face was immediately engulfed in a torrent of anger.

“I loved you! I loved youuuuuuuu!

My ears! My eaaaaaaaars!

Rumil’s body gradually swelled and grew larger as she let out a scream that nearly tore the eardrums.

Centaur | Grade S | LV 573

Vitality: 5532
Strength: 6540
Magic: 3920
Mana: 4028

Super Regeneration, Super Strength, Fire Magic (Advanced), Wind Magic (Advanced), Water Magic (Advanced), Dark Magic (Advanced).

In the end, a monster appeared with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse combined.

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