Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 147 – Two Cheat Protagonists

“Whoa. It looks like it’s already started.”

¡Dodon! ¡Bang!
Gusa! Gusa!

As I approached the great hall, a violent sound, like the sounds you see described on mangas, assaulted my ears.

Cross Ryuki.
Race: Human
Age: 15

The one who made the noise in the center of the great hall was, of course, this boy, Crow of the Twin Swords.
He wore a jet-black cape resembling the characteristic wings of a crow and had his swords drawn at his waist.

“Roar, oh, Holy Sword!”

Holy Sword Stardust Blade | Grade S.
(A holy sword that only the chosen can possess. Its stroke cuts even the light.)

Once Crow wielded the Holy Sword, a gust of wind, as if a storm had broken out, struck the demons.
The group of demons that were attacked by Crow were sent flying high into the sky like a kite with its line cut.

“Bellow, oh, magic sword!”

Divine Saber Magic Sword | Grade S.
(A magic sword that only the chosen ones can possess. Its stroke pierces even the darkness).

Once Crow wielded the Magic Sword, a vibration as if a natural cataclysm had occurred attacked the demons.
The group of demons, which were attacked by Crow, fell into the distortion of the floor that was generated in the great hall.

“Hey! What the hell is that thing?!”
“Only him… only that guy is dangerous… Whatever you do, don’t let him near the Throne Room where Iblis-sama is.”

This room is the last line of defense to the Throne Room.

The demons formed an army of over 100 and resisted tenaciously, but the difference in their abilities was too great.

In the end, they were torn apart like a piece of paper by the great strength of Crow, being defeated one by one.

Demon Apostle | Grade S | LV 40/40

Vitality: 1002
Strength: 1588
Magic: 1271
Mana: 891

Demon Slash.

I guess I can’t tease Crow anymore.

The Demon Apostles came out from inside the castle door and surrounded Crow.

Counting how many they are, 10, 20, 30… one after another.

“…Hmm. So, I can finally fight like I should?”

Frowning, Crow draws the holy sword and the magic sword at his waist at the same time.

I am counting on you, Crow.
For the time being, only he is able to face a group of Demonic Apostles alone.

“…I will show you. I will show you what I am capable of as the legendary holy cursed hero!”

He’s at it again!
That eighth-grade syndrome* he has is never going to go away.

(TN: Basically Chunibyo)

If it weren’t for this kind of dialogue, he’d be a normal, attractive guy.


With his two swords in his hands, Crow kicked the ground vigorously and threw himself at the group of demonic knights.

The most powerful Hero against the strongest monsters subordinated to the Demon Lord.

That was the moment when the two greatest forces collided.

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