Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 146 – The Siege

A bell was ringing inside the Demon Lord’s Castle to announce an emergency.

The decisive battle was to take place early in the morning, just before dawn.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

The demons jumped out of bed and ran out of the room in a hurry.

In fact, the emergency bell had been rung several times in the past because of the intrusion of the adventurers.

Besieging the Demon Lord’s Castle with its armored defense was no small feat.

Previous attackers had returned before setting foot in the Demon Lord’s Castle, not to mention the Throne Room.

“Hey, hey. Has the bell stopped ringing?”
“No problem… I heard that the interceptor turret was defective, so that caused the problem.”
“Wait, how is that possible?!”

I can’t wait. I can’t wait.

It is a pity.
As for the turret, I’ve been messing around with it.

One of the reasons why the Demon Lord’s Castle is impregnable is because it “floats in the sky”.

That’s why adventurers must use floating stones to attack the fortress.

This floating stone was inconvenient and had the fatal defect of only being able to move slowly and in a straight line.

That is why the turrets installed in the Demon Lord’s Castle had been able to knock down the intruders without difficulty.

“Anyway, let’s go to the control room as fast as we can!”
“Right. The worst thing that could happen to us is to lose the control room!”

The two demons, sensing the change, accelerated their steps and headed for the control room.

It was then.

“Excuse me. I’m coming in.”

Morozumi Shinji
Race: Human
Age: 15

A boy appeared from behind the demons at just the right moment with a refreshing smile on his face.

His name was Morozumi Shinji.
He was a member of Book of the Abyss, to which Crow also belonged, and was one of the executing members of this operation.

“Hey! Through the back door!?”
“It’s unbelievable. How could the intruder know that there is a hidden entrance?”

The demons were stiff with their mouths wide open when they saw the intruder appear from an unexpected direction.

Information about the inner workings of the Demon Lord’s Castle has been divulged to the invaders through me.

Demons tend to be absolutely submissive to anything stronger than themselves.

That’s probably why their tolerance for “partner betrayal” is hopelessly low compared to us humans.

“Secret Sword! Sword of the Ark!”

As expected from Shinji!
Although he might be considered to be in the shadow of Crow, he is also one of the cheating heroes who received the “Holy Knight” job.

After drawing his sword, he neutralized the two demons in less than a second.

That’s right.
Once we take possession of the control room, the rest of the place will fall easy.

If we wanted, we could knock down the Demon Lord’s Castle to the ground, and we could call for as many reinforcements as we wanted.
The scope of our strategy would expand immediately!

“…Souta-kun, right?”
“Yes. But that’s how I look now.”

When Shinji noticed my presence, he somehow had a languid expression on his face.

“Souta-kun. I owe you an apology for one thing.”
“Wait. Is this something that can’t wait until another time…?”
“That’s right. I really need to say it. It’s very important. Until I got here, I underestimated you. I believed that Crow was the one and only true Hero, and that all the others summoned were nothing but ballast. I still remember the first day I met Crow, I remember it with great clarity. I thought he was different, and his presence took me out of the stupor of having obtained the Holy Knight job. Since that day, I have been supporting him. If he’s a true Hero, I’m just an accessory.”

I know how you feel. Yeah.

Thinking about a cheat protagonist like Crow, I think it’s rare nowadays, even in the world of fiction.

It’s the kind of protagonist that is too powerful and the story becomes entangled, with the author just following a plain story and nothing else.

“But in reality, it was different. There were two Heroes in this world. Souta-kun, if Crow is the ‘Hero of Light’, then you must be the ‘Hero of Darkness’!”

What’s with the ‘Hero of Darkness’ thing?
It sounds like I’m the Demon Lord.

Give me a break!
I just have a regular job, a “Monster Tamer” who happens to have a cheat ability.

“Souta-kun. To be honest, I’m jealous of you. Seeing Crow’s skills up close and personal, my heart broke, while you kept thinking about what you could do until the end. I wonder where the difference between the two comes from.”
“Yeah, yeah. I understand that. I understand, so don’t let your self-loathing get to you anymore.”

Now that Shinji had arrived, taking control of the control room would go smoothly.

I set Shinji’s story aside properly and headed for the “Great Hall” of the Demon Lord’s Castle, which would be the main battlefield for this decisive battle.

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  1. Does Japan have some kind of stigma with the name “Shinji”? Why is every character with that name a bundle of angst?

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