Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 145 – Signs of Rebellion

It had been three days since the night I lost my virginity infiltrated into the Demon Lord’s Army.
After that, I spent my days sweating in the Demon Lord’s Army cafeteria during the day and receiving Rumil’s care at night, which was, in a way, satisfying.

“Hmmm. Well… Rust. You’ve improved a lot in the last few days…”

As I licked her body, Rumil seemed to endure the pleasure, even as she held tightly to the white sheets.

“I have had many women in my life, but never a girl as sexually voracious as you…”

Fufufu. That’s right.
I’m a beautiful young woman on the outside, but inside I’m a high school boy.

The first day I could only accept Rumil’s attack, but recently I’ve had more times to take control.

You wish you had never tested the libido of high school boys.
If I’m dealing with a beautiful woman like Rumil, I’m sure I can keep up with these things for 24 hours straight.

It is irresistible to see a beautiful woman with a severe atmosphere like Rumil enduring the shame.


No, it’s not that.

The reason I continue serving Rumil with such devotion is because I thought I could get information out of her about the Demon Lord if she liked it, right?

In fact, in the last few days, I have managed to acquire all kinds of useful information about the Demon Lord Iblis and the Throne Room from Rumil.

Perhaps by using the capsule ball at this time, it would be possible to capture her.

As it is, I should be able to exercise my “absolute control” and remove the pendant without any problem.

Demon Apostle | Grade S | LV 40/40

Vitality: 1012
Strength: 1585
Magic: 1277
Mana: 885

Demon Slash.

The problem here is the two demonic apostles who guard Rumil’s room 24 hours a day.

Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to defeat a demonic apostle on my own at this time.
If I show even the slightest sign that I cannot be trusted, they will easily cut off my head.

“Rust. Tonight was also incredible.”

After the sex, Rumil was in a good mood and buttoned up her shirt.

“I’m lonely. Can’t we spend a little more time together?”
“…Ah. I’m really sorry. It’s a rule, so we can’t sleep in the bed with others, you know?”

No. That’s too bad.
So, in the end, I won’t be able to take the pendant off tonight.

If I could sleep in the bed with her, I could take the pendant off while she was sleeping, but she seemed determined to follow the rules.

It is unlikely that Rumil will break Demon Lord Castle’s security protocol.

It can’t be helped.
I would have prevented it if I could, but now that it’s come to this, I’ll use the last resort.

Whether it’s with laughter or tears, everything will be fixed tomorrow.

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