Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 141 – Unexpected Developments

It has been three days since I escaped from the prison tower of the royal capital.
The opportunity to infiltrate the Demon Lord’s Castle came much sooner than I would have imagined.

“Yes. Now, please enter the room in order when I call your name.”

What? What am I doing?
To tell you the truth, I’m here to do an interview for the new Demon Lord’s Army.

Transformation | Grade A | Active
(A skill that changes the appearance of a demon enslaved for a certain time. However, the values of its stats do not change).

I, who borrowed Rust’s body through the Transformation skill, for anyone who saw me would think I was a demon.

When I look down in the waiting room, I see black socks coming out of a tight skirt.

Mmm. Rust…
As always, her body is quite erotic.

Dressed in a shiny job-seeking suit, Rust’s body had a different kind of eroticism than when she was wearing her maid’s uniform.

“Eh~. Number one, Ceros-san the Cerberus. Enter.”

When a man in black shouts out his name, a big guy sitting next to me enters the interview room as if he were being sucked in.

Ba-dum, ba-dum.

It will be okay.
My plan is going to work.

Why did I come here in the first place? Why am I here to be interviewed for the new Demon Lord’s Army?

It all started with an incident that took place two days ago.


“Mmmm. Souta~. The food. Is the food ready yet?”

I woke up from bed that day with a sleepy Aphrodite hugging me, but in my head, I was only thinking seriously about the future.

What do we do?
How can we save Carolina from being trapped in the Demon Lord’s Castle?

An innovative idea can arise at an unexpected time.

“Souta-sama, look at this! This morning, an imp-san handed me something interesting~!”

It was in the middle of preparing breakfast.
The flyer that Lemis-san showed me when she came back from shopping had a surprising phrase.

That from now on you can be in the Demon Lord’s Army!? Work for the legendary Demon Lord Iblis!
With all the benefits! A cozy workplace!

Apparently, this flyer seems to be a job ad that senses the magical power of demons and spreads them out to an unspecified number of them.

When I saw what the flyer said, I realized something.

The newly created Demon Lord’s Army must be suffering from a serious labor shortage.

I cannot afford to waste this opportunity!

An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth!

The power of the Demon Lord’s Army is so strong that it is almost impossible to defeat it from the front.
That is why I chose to follow Hyunckel’s method and attack the enemy from within.


“Err. Well, then, Rust Trisarti-san, can you tell me more about the motivation for us, the new Demon Lord’s Army, to accept you?”

Vicious McGone
Gender: Male
Age: 521

When I entered the interview room, there was a man who was in his early years.
Although he is disguised as a human, the fact that he is in this room suggests that he is also a demon of some kind.

He was an old man with the look of a dandy and the beard of a Kaiser.

“Yes! The reason I wanted to join the new Demon Lord’s Army… is because I felt an affinity for Iblis-sama’s philosophy of ‘Demons first’.”
“Hohoho. And what do you think about that?”
“That this world is wrong! Weak humans go around looking so proud, and we demons, who should be strong by nature, are forced to bow our heads. When I join the new Demon Lord’s Army, I will definitely lead the world in the right direction!”
“Excellent, Rust-san. You seem to have a very noble idea for one so young.”

In any case, as long as you say “we first”, you will be appreciated, so members of the demon race are a bit predictable.

By the time I got here, I had already been prepared for the interview by Rust herself.
Rust is a master at manipulating people, and her “techniques for gaining their trust” were nothing short of revealing.

“Let’s see. Hey, this is great! Had you been working for the former Division Commander of the Demon Lord’s Army, the Dragon Empress Kururu-sama, for five years?”

Vicious-san exclaimed as he looked at the resume on his desk.

“Yes, Kururu-sama was sometimes strict and sometimes kind, and she taught me, an inexperienced person, about ‘what demons are’. I think the experience I learned with her will definitely be useful in the newly created Demon Lord’s Army as well!”
“Hmmm. I have heard that Kururu-sama is especially strict with her subordinates, and you must be a great demon to have worked for five years in a harsh environment where a blunder could result in immediate decapitation.”

Ugh. I didn’t know Rust worked in such a tough environment.

She was able to survive even in such a harsh environment.
There is much we can learn from Rust’s way of life.

“By the way, do you know Bianca?”
“Eh? Bi-Bianca?!”
“Yes, that’s right. Bianca is an old friend of mine. I also served Kururu-sama. I haven’t seen them for almost a hundred years, but I was wondering how they are.”

This is bad!
Depending on how I respond to this, all the work so far could be lost.

It is true that Rust worked for Kururu, but even if I had transformed into Rust, my transformation skill does not take on the memories of others as well.

“Um. Right. I’m sure she’s doing fine.”

This is a dangerous subject.
It will be fatal if I don’t cut it as soon as possible and change to another topic.

That’s what I thought, and I decided to get over it with a vague answer.

“Mm. What do you mean by ‘she’?”
“Sure. Bianca has been very good to me. It was reassuring in many ways to have another girl at work.”
“Hey, what the hell are you talking about? Bianca is a man, isn’t he?”
“Eh. Oh. Huh?”

You’ve got to be kidding me!
You bastard! You have a confusing name!

When you hear the name Bianca, you usually think of a woman.

“Now I’m having doubts. Did you really work for Kururu-sama?”

It can’t be helped.
Once they suspected me, things would become much more difficult.

To begin with, when she worked for Kururu, Rust was a man.

“We have a problem, don’t we? It’s called career fraud when people do that!”

He must have detected the lie, so he is angry.

The interviewer, who was previously in a gentlemanly mood, turned around.
He put one foot on the desk and turned arrogantly.

What to do?
What should I do?

Is it impossible to recover from this and pass the interview?

No, there is one thing.
The key to getting out of this predicament existed in an unexpected place!

“Hahaha. Ahhh. I’ve been discovered ❤.”

I can’t quit now that it’s come to this.
I look up and say in a flirtatious tone.

“Mister, please. Please let me join the Demon Lord’s Army ❤. I really need the money ❤.”

I squeeze both arms, and accentuate my breasts, which are weapons.
Also, I cross my legs wrapped in my stockings so that it looks like I’m flirting with him. The preparation is complete.

“And now you have revealed yourself! You rotten woman! Who-who would let a woman as nefarious as you into the Honorable Demon Lord’s Army!”

How sad.
Is the creature called man really so fragile?

The interviewer’s eyes were completely glued to my body, despite the cold lines his mouth was throwing.

“Mister…❤ Wouldn’t you like to see what’s inside my skirt?”

I get up from my seat and lick my lips as I pull up my skirt.

It is only for a moment…
The key is not to make it seem too long.

The pure white panties seen through the black socks are too erotic even for me!
Any man would fall for this.

“If you let me join the Demon Lord’s Army, I can show you more of my body… ❤.”
“Guh. Gunuu.”

This was the moment when the meeting was decided.
No man in this world could resist the charm of Rust’s body.

Therefore, I passed the interview with flying colors.

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