Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 140 – The Great Sage

Meanwhile, at that moment.
Interior of the “Demon Lord’s Castle” floating on the coast of Salas.

In the Throne Room, which was protected by the highest level of security in the Demon Lord’s Castle, there were a couple of people, a man and a woman.

“This is all I have to report, Iblis-sama.”

One was the commander of the first division of the Demon Lord’s Army, Rumil the Centaur.

She alone was worth a thousand men at war.
It was rumored that, if it were about simple fighting skill, she could even surpass the Demon Lord. It was even said that she was the strongest demon of all.

“Rumil, I don’t like you to call me like that when we are alone. Especially when you are the person I most appreciate and trust.”

The other person’s name was the “Great Sage” Hyunckel.
He was the second in command of the Demon Lord’s Army and had been the second most trusted person by the Demon Lord for a long time.

In fact…
The Great Sage Hyunckel had not succeeded in reviving the Demon Lord Iblis.

Hyunckel achieved a “pseudo-resurrection of the Demon Lord” by transferring his own spirit to Iblis’s body.

“So, the progress of the operation is 38% of what was planned? That is not good.”
“…I am sorry. The resistance of the ‘heroes’ sent by the gods is more persistent than expected, and some of them are struggling.”

Hyunckel’s plan to resurrect the Demon Lord could seriously disturb the balance of the world.

The gods had foreseen the Resurrection of the Demon Lord and had sent the earthlings to Adelhide as heroes to defeat him.

“This is becoming a problem. Rumil, perhaps you should continue to look for demons from all over the world in the name of the new Demon Lord’s Army.
“…Ha. Yes, sir.”

With a look on his face as if he were drowning a yawn, Hyunckel walked to the sleeping quarters at the back of the throne room.

The challenges of the new Demon Lord’s Army were mounting, and so was his stress from all the work.

Going to see “her” in the sleeping quarters was Hyunckel’s greatest pleasure these days.


The girl in the sleeping quarters had been crucified and seemed to have wounds all over her body.

If you take a meal, you don’t know what they could have poisoned it with.
If you sleep, you don’t know what will happen to you while you are sleeping.

Carolina decided not to take any chances and for almost a week, she didn’t sleep, drink or eat.

“Kukuku. You still look terrible.”

A vampire’s body was more resilient on every level when compared to a human, but after more than a week without drinking water, every part of her body began to scream.

“How does it feel to have your body touched by the ‘man you love’?”

Hyunckel gently placed his fingers on Carolina’s cheek and gave her a humble smile.

Since the day they met, Carolina had been in love with the Demon Lord Iblis.
That feeling never faded even after his death, and was irreplaceable for Carolina.

So, when Carolina met Souta, the reincarnation of the Demon Lord, she was filled with immeasurable joy.

(Truly… this man is the worst of all…)

It was Hyunckel who had feelings that contrasted with those she had for Iblis.

It had been that way since she was a member of the former Demon Lord’s Army.
For some reason, Hyunckel had shown an unusual obsession with Carolina.

No matter how many times she refused the invitation, there was no sign of abandonment from him.

Eventually, Hyunckel had come to use the power of the new Demon Lord’s Army to take possession of Carolina.

“Enough. Can you stop this stubbornness of yours? If you say you’re going to be mine right now, I wouldn’t have to keep those bonds, but…”

Carolina had mixed feelings about being touched on the cheek by the man she loved most in the world, possessed by the man she hated most in the world.

“…Who would want… to be touched by a man like you!”

Carolina spat on Hyunckel as she cut off her feelings for the man she loved.

“Haha. That’s not right. How improper… to spit on a man.”

Hyunckel smiled ecstatically and, running his fingers through the spit that Carolina had spat at him, licked them happily.

Licking her spit without a second thought, Hyunckel’s crotch rose majestically.
Hyunckel’s action, as strange as it was, plunged Carolina’s spirit into unfathomable despair.

“…I would very much like to destroy you right now.”

Hyunckel did not value that which was readily available.

He wanted the title of Demon Lord and Carolina as a woman just because it was a “challenging game”.

“I’ll save the fun for later. We demons have a lot of time to spare, you know.”

Using brainwashing magic could make Carolina his right now but relying on outside means would be less interesting.

Hyunckel’s long-awaited moment would be when Carolina’s heart would naturally give out, breaking her spirit.

(…Help me. Please help me, Master.)

In fact, she would like to shout those words out loud, but she did not want the man in front of her to be upset when he realized it.
As she kept her composure, Carolina prayed fervently.

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