Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 139 – After the Prison Break

“Wow. I’m glad Crow-san showed me this inn.”

After successfully escaping from the prison tower, we decided to move our base of operations to a city far from the royal capital.

It’s too risky to stay in the Royal Capital right after escaping from prison, and it would be suicide to return to our home in Saint Bell.

The Book of the Abyss Demon Hunters, to which Crow belongs, have many bases around the world.
It seems that the inn they introduced us to is one of them, and they seem to have made all kinds of devices to make it difficult for the government to notice them.

As for Crow, it seems that he has met with the members of Book of the Abyss and is now with his friends.

Through this one incident, when it came to defeating the Demon Lord, I was able to secure the promise to fight alongside Crow, so in the long run, being trapped inside the prison tower could have been a good thing.

“It’s a terribly rundown inn, by the way. Reminds me of the first night I spent with Souta.”
“…Haha. That’s right.”

At that time, the only girl in my party was Aphrodite, and the only monsters I had under my control were the goblins.

Thinking back to those days, I think our party has become quite large.

“Nuh. What the hell? The shower at this inn says you can only use it for 20 minutes a day.”

Yuuko gets out of the shower and says some disconcerting words.

Ugh. Really?
It’s true that even in Japan’s cheap lodgings, sometimes there’s an x-minute version you can use.

This was a bad idea.
I hadn’t bathed in almost a week while I was locked up, and I needed to shower no matter what.

“Hey~! I’m not giving up the only shower! I was helping you dig a tunnel until the last minute, so my hair is really dirty.”

It was Aphrodite who first reported this situation.
Aphrodite’s concern for beauty was more than enough to make her a goddess of beauty.

“Ah. If that’s the case, that’s fine by me. You use the time.”

Unlike Aphrodite, it was Ciel who gave up that right without much thought.
Originally, the gnome race lived on earth, so maybe they had no attachment to the bath.

“No! No way! A girl can’t afford that! Wasn’t it Ciel who touched the ground the most today!?”

Ciel seemed disconcerted when Aphrodite made an unreasonable complaint.

I think they’re forgetting the premise that they can only use it for 20 minutes.

“Phew. Since this is happening, the six of us have no choice but to go in together and wash each other.”

The air in the place was strained by the words Lemis-san spoke.

A-As expected of Lemis-san.

Let me explain!
Despite her young appearance, Lemis-san has a very strong maternal instinct, and is less ashamed of sex than the other girls.

“It’s a good idea. It’s true that if six of us go in together, we’ll wash up in 20 minutes.”

I try to stay in tune while giving a refreshing smile.

Hey, take it easy, me.
If I show an unreliable attitude here, I could put the girls on guard unnecessarily.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been celibate for almost a week that I’m missing women’s bodies.

Aphrodite’s big tits, Rust’s erotic body, Ciel’s body, Yuuko’s body and Lemis-san’s chubby cheeks look irresistible!

“Hey! What’s wrong, Souta!? Your eyes getting red!”

Ugh… This is not good.
Maybe it’s a reaction to not looking at a girl’s body properly until today, but it seems like many parts are becoming sensitive.

It would be a waste of an opportunity if the girls realized my ulterior motives.

“Ah! How about this? We divide the boys and girls, and we divide the time between us by ten minutes each. That way, it would be fairer.”
“As always, Ciel-chan. How clever! I felt Souta would benefit most from it, but if the girls wash each other, we won’t have to worry about anything else.”

Gunu. Gunununu.
Ciel, what a waste!

It’s true that Aphrodite is right about the benefit of being able to use the shower alone, but that’s not going to stop my accumulated desires from going nowhere.

“You get in, get your ass in there! At least I’ll have mercy. We’ll give you a special right to get in first!”

Being a man herself, she must have noticed my ulterior motive.
Rust, staring at me, kicked my ass.

“Mm. Rust, what are you talking about?”
“Ha. I’m so sorry, Yuuko-sama. I may have gone too far, right? But I thought it would be safer to protect us from Kazehaya’s poison fangs if we let him in first.”
“That’s not what I’m talking about! I’m talking about what are you doing acting like a woman. You’re a man too, aren’t you?”

After being kicked in the ass by Yuuko, Rust walks straight into the locker room where I am.

Rust didn’t seem to be able to hide her surprise at being “recognized as a man” at this point.

Are you sure you’re okay with that?

You’re baffled by being treated like a man… your mentality is totally feminine!

“Come on, Rust. Man to man, let’s wash each other’s bodies…”

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a woman’s body!
The sight of Rust, sitting on the floor with her inner thighs still flat on the ground, was something that fed my lust.

“W-Wait. Kazehaya! Think about it calmly. Do you think that’s right for you? I’m a man, for God’s sake!”
“I don’t care. I’m in a good mood for everything now…”

All guys have this feeling sometimes.
Every person born a man has experienced at least once in his life the moment when he thought, “I wouldn’t mind if It was an ugly girl.” At least once in his life.

The frequency is different for each person, but as a general rule, the probability of occurrence increases dramatically at the end of an abstinence.

“W-Wait, Kazehaya! Don’t hurry! Ah, aaaahhhh!”

Rust’s screams echoed in the bathroom.
Rust’s and I’s forbidden washing would continue until the girls stopped us.

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