Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 130. Resurrection!? The Demon Lord!

How long has it been since I was summoned to this other world?
I, Kazehaya Souta, was still living a slow and relaxed life in another world.

“Wow~ The moon is very beautiful today~.”

What we’re doing now is observing the moon.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the autumn bugs, and there’s a wonderful full moon in the sky.
Today is a good day to see the moon once a year in this other world Adelheid.

“The moon looks so close. If I keep jumping, I could catch it.”

The name of the girl who runs innocently through the garden, barefoot, is Ciel O’Telrod.
Ciel has a small body frame, about 1,5 meters-tall, and possesses the cuteness of a pet.

“Master. Tea is ready.”
“Oh. Thank you, Caro.”

The name of the girl who kindly offered me a cup of hot tea is Carolina Burton.

Carolina, with her silver hair, reddish eyes and slim complexion exudes a captivating sensuality.
Born into a special race, the vampires, Carolina is amazing. Despite her appearance, she is over 300 years old.

“The moon is beautiful.”

Carolina and I look at the moon while drinking tea together.

The moon that you can see in this other world is a little redder and bigger in size compared to the moon of the Earth.
It’s nice to see the moon with such pretty girls.

“Hey, Souta! You’re so relaxed these days!”

This girl’s name is Aphrodite, who got upset when she saw me and Carolina sitting and relaxing on the porch.

She was originally a goddess who worked as a navigator between the Earth and other worlds.
Blonde, blue-eyed and stylish, Aphrodite has a flawless appearance, though she calls herself the goddess of beauty.

Her breasts, which peek out through the holes in her haori, are so large that they almost spill out, and my gaze can’t help but be drawn to them.

“Munch… such a thing… munch… you’re at it again with that fantasy of defeating the demon lord so you can go back to your world…!”

I don’t want to be the only one who eats dumplings without worrying about anything in the world, but Aphrodite’s words have a point.
The reason I was sent to this other world was to “defeat the Demon Lord who will eventually return to this world”.

However, even though I waited for so long, the all-important “demon lord” did not seem to return.
I had even forgotten why I was summoned to this other world and had come to enjoy my life here for some time.

“Lately, I’m starting to think that maybe it’s not so bad to live in this world.”

Now I feel a little embarrassed, but my goal when I was called to this other world was: “I will get beautiful girls and take them back with me to earth!”

I’m not going to stay in a world with this crap food or air conditioning for that long! That’s what encouraged me.

However, with the addition of Rust, a multi-faceted maid with tsundere attributes, the food situation improved enormously.

With the addition of Lemis-san, who has the ability to control the climate at will, there is no longer a need for air conditioning.
As my life in this world became more comfortable, my reasons for returning to my old world continued to diminish.

“Sort of, you know, when is this demon lord thing going to happen?”
“Ugh. That’s, well…”

Aphrodite squirms when I try to get information out of her.

Oh, I can’t believe it, did you see that?
I don’t think Aphrodite even knows when the demon lord is coming back.

She’s an irresponsible goddess who sends earthlings to other worlds for no reason.

“I’ll get serious when the Demon Lord shows up. So until he does, don’t wake me up.”

I lie on the porch on my back, soaking up the cold from the floor all over my body.

This should be enough to silence that pesky goddess for the time being.

This is a world without Final Boss, so you won’t be punished for living as you please.

“Aphrodite-san~. Looks like Rust-san has made some extra dumplings for you~”

A relaxing and reassuring voice is heard from the back of the mansion.
The name of the girl who carries the moonlit meatballs on a tray is Lemis Littlefold.

On the outside, Lemis-san seems to be under-aged as a high school girl, but her real age is unusually high, and she has completely established her position as our “mother” since she started living with us.

“What? Really?! I’m coming!”
“Fufufu. There’s no need to be in such a hurry~. The dumplings won’t get away.”

I wonder who’s the more “relaxed” of the two of us.
Aphrodite, who had a strong appetite, runs to Lemis-san.

“Master, aren’t you going to eat?”
“Hm? Oh, I’m just going to lounge around for a while, since I’m so relaxed.”
“…Understood. Please feel free to call me if you need anything.”
“Aren’t you going to eat, Caro?”
“No. Since being able to stand by the Master in this way is the best thing that can happen to me.”

Carolina sometimes says these kinds of embarrassing things without even caring, so that’s a problem.
The idea of “defeating the demon lord and going back to my original world” fades away every day when I’m pampered like this.

I tasted the happiness of my casual daily life, and my conscience finally fell into a comfortable sleep.


Shake. Shake.

Who’s it gonna be?
Someone was shaking me.

“Hey, Souta-san, wake up! Please wake up!”

When I opened my eyes, I saw Ciel there, dressed in her usual work clothes.

Somehow, Ciel’s expression was pale and I could tell at first sight that she was worried.

“…Master, we seem to be in serious trouble.”

Ciel wasn’t the only one who was worried.
Even Carolina, who was by her side, was pouring out her voice in an anxious tone.

“What’s the matter? Some goddess ate too many dumplings and had a stomachache?”
“Are you still asleep? This is no time for jokes!”

This is different.
That was the only problem I could imagine happening while watching the moon.

“The Demon Lord! ¡It is the Demon Lord! He seems to have resurrected!”

Hahaha. That’s funny.
Now who’s making jokes.

It’s true that I asked Aphrodite to wake me up when the demon lord came back, but I didn’t expect such a joke to come from the sincere mouth of Ciel.

“Erm… what…”

Something’s wrong.
I didn’t want to fall asleep for so long, but it seems like it’s gotten pretty dark around here at some point.

“Wh-what the hell is…?!”

I looked up to the sky, wondering.
Instantly, what jumped into my vision was what can only be described as a “castle”.

“Surely the thing floating around is the well-known ‘Demon Lord’s Castle’ that was once used by the Demon Lord, right?”

I thought these events were supposed to occur with more careful foresight…

When the hell did that flag appear?

It looked as if it covered the autumn full moon and glided across the sky, as if to mock us, who were drinking and looking at the moon.

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