Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 122 – The Mermaid’s Welcome

Tatsunoko Fighter | LV 25/25 | Grade C

Vitality: 188
Strength: 293
Magic: 118
Mana: 230

Water Magic (Intermediate).

As soon as I entered Mermaid Castle, a group of Tatsunoko fighters, more than ten in all, jumped into my field of vision.

The easiest way to describe the Tatsunoko fighter monster would be “a sea horse with a lance”.

They’re not very big, about a meter long, but each one has a fierce appearance.

“Whoaaa! What is this?! What is this place?!”
“Amazing! How can you build a building like this in the middle of the ocean? The level of technology is incredible!”
“T-This is the Mermaid Castle where Lemis-sama lives? I’ve heard rumors about it, but I’m so excited to come here in person!”

Once inside the building, I decided to tell the girls at the ball for a moment and ask them to come out.

No wonder the three of them are so impressed.

The interior of the Mermaid Castle was designed with glass walls to allow visitors to admire the marine life.

I felt like I was in an aquarium.

The turtle I rescued took me to Mermaid Castle.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect it, but I really felt I’d gotten into the history of Urashima Taro.

“It’s been a while, Lemis.”
“Yes. Carolina, you don’t seem to have changed at all. It’s kind of weird seeing you here, isn’t it?”

Carolina and Lemis-san already knew each other!?

Lemis-san, she’s such a famous demon that she even held the position of division commander of the Demon Lord’s army, right?

Who the hell is Carolina to be able to talk so casually to a person like that?

“Souta-sama. Thank you for saving the life of one of my loved ones.”
“No, no, as the saying goes, ‘Discourage the strong, help the weak’. That’s the belief I hold most dear.”
“Ufufu. I guess I wasn’t wrong after all. If it’s you…”
“What? Did you say something?”
“No. No, it was nothing!”

Lemis-san shook her head to force a change of topic.

“By the way, Souta-sama. I am thinking of hosting a small reception in your honor today.”
“…Really!? I can’t wait.”

How will it feel to hold a reception at the Mermaid Castle?

It may be a harem party, with many beautiful mermaids like Lemis-san.

This is a dream come true!

“Then I would appreciate it if you would take your time in this room until the reception begins.”
“Thi-This is…!”

Strangely enough, there was no seawater in the room Lemis-san led us.
It was as if the entire room was under the spell of Immunity.

“This room is made of a special mineral that can repel seawater. We thought that land guests would feel more comfortable here.”
“By ‘special mineral’, could you be referring to the ‘Repellent Stone’?”
“Yes, that’s right. You seem to be well versed in it.”
“It is almost impossible to extract Repellent Stone, and once processed, it is difficult to reuse. It’s a valuable commodity that can be hard to find. And it’s… all over this room?”
“Yes. Mermaid Castle was built over a thousand years ago. From that time, it is said that the Repellent Stone was not a rare item in those days.”
“Unbelievable! This room is like… a jewelry box under the sea!”

With an unknown emotion, Ciel entered the reception room.

What the hell are you doing?

Ciel, with hearts in her eyes, starts rubbing her cheeks on the floor just like that.

“I-I’m sorry. Our friend got a little rowdy.”
“No, no. Well then, Souta-sama. I will go and complete the preparations for the banquet, so I will leave you alone. Please make yourselves at home.”

Mermaid | Grade S | LV 153

Vitality: 1232
Strength: 780
Magic: 1320
Mana: 1728

Weather Manipulation

Fire Magic (intermediate), Wind Magic (intermediate), Water Magic (advanced), Dark Magic (advanced), Light Magic (advanced).

Lemis-san’s appearance became that of a demon!

Lemis-san, in her mermaid form, swam through the reception hall with greater fluidity than before.

How nice.

Mermaids are the best!

The demons around me are completely humanoid, including vampires, wraiths, and succubi, so the figure of a mermaid monster girl is refreshing.

Lemis’ general status is high, partly because she served as commander of the Demon Lord’s army.

As for the numbers, I’d say she’s at par or slightly below Carolina.

I’ve heard rumors, but this is the first time I’ve seen a blessing other than “Absolute Control”.

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6 thoughts on “OWMB 122 – The Mermaid’s Welcome

  1. man, I’m just wondering. why are most Japanese novel authors like beta mcs? I mean this guy is a monster tamer but gotten almost reverse raped by succubus a few episodes ago. he could of easily order her… Carolina had a lot of obvious hints which proved her to be a high ranked yet our mc still can’t bring two things together… truly hard to understand

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