Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 121 – The Dragon Palace

Puku Puku Puku Puku.
I used diving magic to dive into the ocean.

All right.
The turtle monster was… there!

Take it easy at least a little bit!

When I dove into the sea, the monster turtle already seemed to be swimming far ahead of me.

(Kraken, help me!)

For the first time, the opportunity to play an active role outside of its skills presented itself.

It may seem unattractive, but if you ride the Kraken, you’ll be able to move faster than you can swim on your own.

I used my Contact skill and the Kraken came to me.

Very well.
Now all I have to do is hold on to this fellow’s body and…

What the hell?!

Nurururu. Nurururu.

The body of the Kraken, with its surface covered with mucous membranes, is slippery and there is no place to hold on to.

“Kraken… you are…”

It’s a bad choice even though this is a great opportunity for it.

The only thing it’s got going for it is the “Strength Increase (large)”.

From now on, I’ll call you “Strength Increase (large)”.


Maybe it could read my thoughts.
The Kraken, whose face was as red as an octopus, seemed furious at first sight.

“Huh?!? Wait…!”

That’s where something even more unexpected happened.

No matter what I thought, the Kraken used its tentacles to hold me tight.


The Kraken continued to follow the turtle monster at super speed.

Ugh… This is disgusting!

The Kraken’s slimy tentacles are playing with every part of my body!

Ah, yes.
I think I just discovered what it’s like to be a fallen woman knight.

Woman Knight-san.
So far, I’m sorry I doubted the “You may say with your mouth that you dislike it, but your body feels it, right?”

This slimy feeling is really nothing less than unpleasant!

I honestly don’t think there’s any demand for this kind of fanservice…


“Hmm…? Are we there yet…?”

I must have been in the tentacles of the Kraken for about ten minutes.

Suddenly, freed of the Kraken’s tentacles, I took a look around.

“Wha-what the hell is this?!”

At that moment, I was speechless.

The Dragon Palace.
It’s the Dragon Palace.

It’s about 30 meters high.
It may be a little small to call a palace, but it’s amazing that such a structure was built in the middle of the sea.

Why on earth would there be a building here?

It was right after I had my doubts.
The gates of the Dragon Palace open slowly, as if inviting me to join them.

“…Welcome to the Mermaid Castle.”

Lemis Littlefold.
Sex: Female
Age: 321

A girl came up to me.

So, that means this is the rumored demon that has the power to control the weather…?

It’s short.
She was less than 1.5 meters tall.

Her face was young, and despite her age of 321, she felt just like Ciel.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Lemis. Lemis Littlefold. People here call me Lemis the Mermaid Princess. I guess you’re Little Turtle’s benefactor.”
“Ah, yes. I think that’s probably the case.”
“I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”

Oh, boy.
Frankly, Lemis-san was an exceptionally beautiful girl.

If I could bring her back to earth, she’d be called “A beautiful girl who appears every thousand years” or something like that, and all kinds of media would be talking about it.

“Huh? Could it be that I have something on my face?”
“No-no! Not at all!”

Since the last incident with the Dragon Empress Kururu, I have had a personal distrust of princesses and empresses.

I knew that a girl with the attribute of a princess had to be pretty.

“Come in. I would like to reward you, Souta-sama, for saving the Little Turtle.”

Oh, I get it.
Despite her friendly face, Lemis-san is a renowned demon who was once a division commander in the Demon Lord’s army.

If you are someone who is concerned about security, you should not accept the invitation.

But, nevertheless.
He who does not risk, does not win.

I don’t want to waste the chance I’ve got to get close to a beautiful girl.

With that thought in mind, I entered the Dragon Palace, or a modified version of it, the Mermaid Castle, while paying attention to my surroundings.

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    Thank you for all the chapters! I’ll definitely be back (though I’m an inconsistent binge reader, so I don’t know how soon… but I _will_ return).

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