Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 115 – Transferred

Then, the next day.
Finally, the day of the date with Aphrodite arrived.

(Hey, D. Aren’t you done getting dressed yet?)
(Not yet! I’m not finished yet! If you look at me, I won’t forgive you!)
(Sure, sure…)

Apparently, Aphrodite was in the process of changing her swimsuit into clothes to go out.

Maybe it’s my imagination.
But I’m pretty sure we’ve had this exchange before.

(…I’m ready now.)

I summoned Aphrodite, who had already given her consent through the Contact skill.

“Wha-what do you think?”

Aphrodite opens her mouth with a tense voice sound.
She was wearing a white blouse and a black skirt.

Her structure is nothing less than complex.

I’m sure it’s an attractive design, but I have no idea how the top and bottom are connected!

“Wow, you had a suit like that?”

This is an amazing development.
I thought I’d use the “Fairy Dancer Clothes” one I bought earlier.

“Fufufu. I asked Rust-chan to make me this dress. I had some good fabric left over from the mansion, so I thought I’d do something with it.”
“What? Rust?”

Another surprising development.

I didn’t know that.
When did Aphrodite and Rust become so close?

“Su-Sure. Well, it looks good, doesn’t it?”

The quality of the clothing manufactured by Rust is no different from what you can buy in a store.

So, in addition to cooking and housework, she was good at sewing.

Rust’s feminine power is unparalleled!

“Huh? Is that all?”

As if my reaction wasn’t enough, Aphrodite moved her face closer to mine, trying to see my expression.

I-It’s strange.
Why does my heart beat for seeing Aphrodite!?

“Hmm? Could it be, Souta, that you’re nervous about this unusual air I’m giving off?”
“No-No-No, I’m not.”

I know.
Apparently, the reason for my nervousness was the clothes Aphrodite was wearing.

For now, let’s just call them “Virgin Killing Clothes”.

That Rust…
She made some impressive clothes.

This costume, which duplicated the innocent aura of the girls who wore it, had the destructive power to strike at the hearts of boys who had little experience with women.

“Ufufu, being shy you look cute. Come on… I’ll be your guide today.”

Aphrodite took my arm and gave me a little devilish smile.


It’s Aphrodite! It’s Aphrodite!

When a girl who normally only shows her idiot face takes control, you feel like you’re losing.


My planned errand at the tool shop ended sooner than I expected.

Skill Seed | Grade A
(A magic seed that makes you learn random job skills when you eat)

Each one costs 5 million.

It’s an item that’s only supposed to be found in the depths of a dungeon, so it’s expensive.

This was still a regular price, which meant it was pretty cheap.

Before, I definitely would have let it go, but now I’m a different kind of person.

After all, in the search for Kururu’s hideout we earned 200 million cols.

I don’t feel that my financial sense is somehow broken these days, but considering the future, 5 million cols is a small expense.


After running the errand, it was time to meet Aphrodite.

She took me to a clothing store in Saint Bell.

It seems like a waste, but fortunately, I have more than enough money for what we sold.

So, I decided to buy all the clothes I wanted, just as Aphrodite told me.

“Gosh, so-so heavy…”
“You know, you’re a guy, so hang in there!”

And now.
In fact, my hands are now completely covered by bags of women’s clothing.

“Oh, that shirt right there would look great on Ciel! That dress looks like it was made for Rust-chan!”

I see.
So, she wasn’t just picking out clothes for her, but for the other girls too.

No wonder the paper bags in my hands weigh like rocks.

The money I got from Kururu’s hideout wasn’t something I could have gotten on my own.

I don’t want to be the only one spending a lot of money and then forcing my partners to save.

I guess I’ll just have to accept Aphrodite’s selfishness just for today.

“Fufufu ♪. My~ name~ is~ Aphrodite ↑↑. The most cu~te! Super cute! She’s the goddess everyone turns to see ♪.”

There it is! The same old, strange song!

Aphrodite’s mood was at its best when she made her fifth trip to a clothing store like this.

“What’s the matter, Souta? Aren’t you being too nice today?”
“Hm? Really?”
“When you’re so nice to me, it makes me wonder what’s going on behind my back. You buy my clothes, you carry my stuff, it’s amazing.”
“Not at all. Besides, I’m always nice to you.”
“…In your case, Souta, it’s scary how seriously you seem to think that.”

I can’t believe it.
He treats me like I’m a demon. How rude.

There are no naive, innocent boys like me these days.

Morozumi Shinji
Race: Human
Age: 16

While I was thinking about it, a naive-looking boy like me comes up ahead.

Hmm? Morozumi Shinji?
That’s a very Japanese name.

“I-It’s possible that…!”

The boy, who looks quite young for his age of 16, stops in front of Aphrodite.

“It can’t be… is it you, Aphrodite-sama?”

What the hell?!
This guy… does he know Aphrodite…

“Uh… who are you supposed to be…?”
“It’s me! Me! I’m Morozumi Shinji, who was summoned to Adelhide by you! Thank you very much for what you did for me!”

That’s where even I understood it, and then I realized.

In fact, before I caught her, Aphrodite was working in the heavenly realm as a navigator between the Earth and other worlds.

In other words, Shinji must be a person summoned from Japan, like me.

“Oh, yes. Shinji-kun, right? I remember now. I do remember.”

What the hell!
This girl… What the hell is wrong with the look on her face that said she forgot about it?

Well, I heard that Aphrodite sent a lot of people to other worlds besides me and Shinji, so I guess it’s partly inevitable.

“What brings Aphrodite-sama to Adelhide, by the way? Aphrodite-sama had the noble task of a navigator, connecting the earth and other worlds, right?”

Ugh. It hit a sore spot all of a sudden.

Aphrodite came to live in this world, of course, because I caught her in a capsule ball.

But, nevertheless…
I feel like I’m going to get into some weird trouble if I’m stupidly honest about it.

“W-Well, it’s just that…”
“What is the purpose of Aphrodite-sama in coming into this world? And… who is that guy over there?”

Shinji’s hasty questions continue.

Come on, Aphrodite!

I don’t expect her to have a perfect excuse, considering her idiot personality.

Anyway, if we can get through this, we’ll be fine.

“This is… this… this is my servant! And I’m on vacation from my job in heaven right now, and I’m traveling this other world with him!”


You dare treat me like a servant just because I’m the only one with all the baggage in the world?

But for now, I must be patient.

Even Aphrodite doesn’t believe it.

After all, I’m a nice, naive boy. The kind that doesn’t get angry about the slightest thing.

“I see. No wonder.”


Hey, Shinji!

What “no wonder” part? Hey!

Don’t be fooled!
We’ll hear more about that later.

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