Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 113 – Power Up

We returned from the quest to subjugate the Kraken.

Now we have those 15 million cols we’ve been waiting for!

I would have liked to say that even after subtracting 10 million cols from the fund for the purchase of the ship, there was a surplus of 5 million cols… but here was a new problem.

To get those 15 million cols, you had to deliver the “Heart of Kraken” to the Adventurer Guild.

However, much they offered me in return those 15 million cols, it would have been a shame to kill the Kraken.

It’s partly because of my original high stats, but there was a reason I couldn’t let the Kraken go.

First, I take a brick from the yard and throw it into the sky.


The next moment I threw another brick, this time with a kick.


The brick broke into pieces, like it had been hit with a hammer or something.

Kazehaya Souta

Job: Monster Tamer
Level: 588
Vitality: 270
Strength: 399(↑300)
Magic: 214
Mana: 3053

Absolute Control

Capsule Ball, Appraisal Eyes, Demon Combination, Contact, Mental Manipulation, Borrowing Skills

Enslaved Monsters

Carolina Burton
Ciel O’Telrod
Rust Trizarti
Adamite Golem
Goblin Knight x15
Light Mash x6
Fire Fox x4
Mad Mash

The reason for my rapid increase in muscle power was due to a change in the value of my strength.

What should I hide? This is the effect of borrowing the Strength Increase (large) skill that the Kraken possesses through Borrowing Skills.

It feels so good to have my body strengthened!

If you can taste this stimulating feeling, 15 million cols is not enough!

As a monster tamer, my fighting style has mainly been to let the monsters I’ve enslaved fight.

However, from now on, it might be a good idea to take the initiative to fight.

In the end, this quest didn’t yield any rewards, but whatever.

Let’s be positive, it was worth it just to get the means to strengthen my body.

● Monster Information

Encyclopedia #722
Race: Water Monster
Grade: B
Level: 1
Vitality: 180
Strength: 410
Magic: 70
Mana: 170

Strength Increase (large)

A monster that’s on the top rung of the water race.
It’s an expert in agile tentacle attacks, with a total of ten tentacles.
It has a strong smell of ammonia and is not suitable for eating.

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5 thoughts on “OWMB 113 – Power Up

    1. Not with all that ammonia. This is the first Isekai with a Kraken that actually makes some sense. In our world Giant Squid are not edible by humans due to high amount of ammonia in their body.

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