Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 107 – Admiring the swimsuits

Half an hour after riding the Dragon.
Finally, Salas Coast, our destination, comes into view.

I think we were doing about 40 miles an hour.
It may not seem like much if you express it in numbers, but the convenience is very different, since the flight is not affected by obstacles, unlike the Turtle Car we used so far.

It would be twice as fast as a turtle car, but I was hesitant to go faster because of the wind exposure, not like in a car.

Previous expeditions have been hampered more by travel time than anything else.
With the wyvern, you could complete missions much more efficiently.

“Woooooow! It’s the beach!”

I got to the beach and jumped into the sand, screaming.
If this were Japan, for example, I’m sure an empty plastic bottle would be out there.

But this is an alternate world!
All you can see is the emerald green sea and the pure white sand beach.

“Well, Souta. I’m going to wait here while you guys finish changing.”
“What? D, you better get back on the ball and change.”
“…What are you talking about? If I do that, some filthy demons might spy on you while you’re dressing.”

Damn it! Why does Aphrodite get so insightful only at times like this?
The monsters are free to look around the capsule ball.

Using the inside of the ball as an alternative to a locker room, you could enjoy them changing! But the reality seems to be that it’s not that easy.


Another 20 minutes later.
It took a little longer, but finally everyone had changed.

“Ahem! Come on, Souta! Aphrodite-chan is a very pretty girl with her swimsuit!”

This is a good job…

The swimsuit Aphrodite chose was a regular bikini.
As the swimsuit has no particular characteristics, the quality of the material becomes more important.

On the other hand, she is a self-proclaimed goddess of beauty, and her look and style has no gaps.
It’s true that there are many places where she is very fresh…

“Master, do you like my swimsuit?”
“Oh! Caro, it looks good on you too!”

What Carolina is wearing is a black bikini with a stylish and fashionable design.

The slender legs that extend from the sarong look very mature.
There was a different color vector in Carolina’s swimsuit than in Aphrodite’s.

“Ugh. It’s a little embarrassing to be seen by a man, isn’t it?”

The swimsuit Ciel had chosen was one piece with childish colors.

But, nevertheless.
It’s not that she’s childish in some ways when, despite her small body, Ciel is well developed.

Guh! Good job, Ciel!
I never thought a busty loli’s swimsuit could be so criminal!

“Kukuku. What a pity, sorcerer. A woman like me would never show her skin to such an inferior man.”

If it’s a crime rate, Yuuko is not defeated yet.

Somehow, she was wearing a school bathing suit.
The name “Yuuko” was written on her chest.

Why is there a school swimsuit in this alternate world?
I’d like to comment on that in a few ways, but I’ll leave it at that, since it’s attractive.

“Gunuu… Ka-Kazehaya…”

Finally, Rust.
I used my power of command and forced Rust, who had refused to wear a swimsuit, to do so.

What I chose for Rust was simply a nice bikini.

I don’t want to do something like a punishment game when I come to the beach.
That’s why I decided to choose a nice regular swimsuit instead of a lewd one.

“You bastard… how far do you want to go to humiliate me?!”

Rust protests as she shakes her curvaceous body.
Personally, a part of his belly on the bottom of his bikini is on point!

“No, no. Think about what you’re wearing. It’s a pretty normal swimsuit, don’t you think?”
“Ugh. Yeah, I think so, too.”

Rust seemed to be reluctantly convinced by my words.

“I suppose I should congratulate you on your decent choice of swimsuit…”
“It’s okay, Rust! You look good!”
“…Why is that? When I see Rust-san, I understand how my confidence as a woman decreases.”

If you think about it, it’s probably very unusual for a guy to wear a bikini.
I feel like my senses are paralyzed from being too embarrassed on a regular basis.


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