Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 112 – Rumors of the Mermaid Princess

We decided to put Rikku-san on the ship and ask her a lot of questions.

Apparently, this time the storm was only temporary.

Almost at the same time I captured the Kraken, the storm began to slowly recede.
By then, the sun was already shining on the deck of the ship.

“No. Ahaha! I’m glad Souta and the others are here. I almost died at sea.”

In conclusion.
She saved us… but we’re the ones who saved her.

I don’t think you have any idea what I’m talking about, so let’s just take it one step at a time.

Apparently, Rikku-san’s little rental boat got completely out of control because of the storm.
She was already prepared to die when the ship was flooded by the typhoon, but she met us there by chance.

When she fired the arrows, her ship was already more than half sunk.
I felt that I had been deceived because I really thought Rikku-san was “cool”.

“So, in the end, why did Rikku-san want to subjugate the Kraken?”
“That’s because I’m going to make some grilled squid to accompany with the sake.”
“There’s no need to joke like this…”

As expected, she must have realized that she couldn’t fool me in this situation.
Rikku-san’s expression immediately changed to one of seriousness.

“Mermaid Princess Lemis. If you are an adventurer, you have probably heard the name.”

Rikku-san says that as if it were common sense.

Thi-This’s bad!
Naturally, I was summoned from another world, so there’s no way I could have that kind of knowledge.

If I expose my ignorance here, it might give her an extra suspicion.

(Caro, a little help!)

With that in mind, I decided to use my Contact skill to go the cheater’s way.

(Mermaid Princess Lemis. She’s 148 cm tall. She weighs 42 kilograms. She’s lived 342 years. I think she’s relatively young among the demons. She has a special “blessing” to control the weather. In the past, she was a commander of the Sixth Division of the Demon Lord’s Army, and was mainly in charge of leading the ocean monsters. Her hobby is sewing, and her favorite food is sweet potatoes…)
(I-I get it! That’s good enough for me! Thank you!)

As expected from Carolina!

I’d like to say that the explanation was too detailed, right?

Could it be that the two of them knew each other personally?

No, no.
It’s impossible for a good demon like Carolina to be friends with someone horrible like a Division Commander of the Demon King’s Army…

“Of course I know. Lemis is a famous demon, isn’t she? What about her?”
“Hmm… if you know then it’ll be faster. Lemis is a demon with the power to control the weather. That’s why I’m investigating the possibility that the erratic weather in these waters was caused by her.”

Somehow, I can imagine it’s possible.

In other words, for Rikku-san, getting rid of the Kraken this time was part of her activities as a demon hunter.

“However, apparently my assumption was wrong. Apparently, the cause of the storm this time was completely natural.”
“How could you do that?”
“It’s a long story… but I used this.”

Cursed Compass | Grade A.
(A compass that reacts to demon magic and directs its needle towards it)

So Rikku-san pulled a rare item Grade A from inside her clothes.

“This compass is a special item that only a limited number of Demon Hunters can possess. It has its limitations, but it is possible to determine the location of the demons.”

I didn’t know there was such an item.

This, however, connected the story.

When I think about it now, I think it was because of that item that Rikku-san was able to see that Carolina was a demon at their first meeting.

“All right, Souta-san! I’m going to be staying in the town of Saint Bell for a while, so let me know when you have more information about Lemis!

After chatting like this for a while, the fishing town that was our starting point appeared.
Rikku-san left those words and walked away from us.

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  1. Error: His hobby is sewing, and his favorite food is sweet potatoes -> Her hobby is sewing, and her favorite food is sweet potatoes

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    I still don’t know why this mc still denies the possibility of Caro being related to the demon army. At this point it’s just plain stupidity.

  3. “It’s impossible for a good demon like Carolina to be friends with someone horrible like a Division Commander of the Demon King’s Army…”

    She introduced herself as the head maid of the demon king, the top of the top in that said army, why is it impossible for her to be part of such army and personally know the former commanders and quite a lot of their personalities and preferences?! The author is overdoing it lately..

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    1. “It’s impossible for a good demon like Carolina to be friends with someone horrible like a Division Commander of the Demon King’s Army…”

      Same thing i wanna point out… Also didn’t rust also said that caro was right hand of demon lord… Now what is the difficulty in understanding caro’s level, strength and all the mystery!!!!

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