Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 108 – Diving

“Godly… Water Attaaaack!”
“Ugh. You did it! Aphrodite-san! And we’re going to defend ourselves!”
“Kyaa. It’s cold~. It feels so good~!”
“It feels good~!”

After changing our clothes, we enjoyed swimming at ease.

Right now.
In front of me there’s a wonderful view of pretty girls in swimsuits splashing water on each other.

By the way, it seems that a beautiful sandy beach is not unusual or anything in this world.
To prove it, there was no sign of people around us, despite the perfect day at sea.

After all, it was a good idea to come to the sea.
It’s like… monopolizing the girls and the beach for yourself. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

Playing in a cool room is good, but this kind of experience would never have been possible if I hadn’t been summoned to this alternative world.

While I was resting under an umbrella, Carolina in her black bikini came up to me.

“Master, you’re not going to swim anymore?”
“Yes, not anymore. I think I’m done. I’ve played enough, and I’m getting a little bored.”

After that, there’s the mission to eliminate the Kraken, so I’d like to stay healthy.

I prepared my sunglasses in advance, just in case this happened.

To be honest, I didn’t know what sunglasses were for until now.

But now I can see it.
I guess sunglasses are just items to look at a girl’s swimsuit shamelessly.

It’s a great way to keep them from finding out where you’re looking!

“So, how about this way of playing?”

It was when I was admiring Carolina’s thick thighs through my sunglasses.


Carolina used an unknown auxiliary magic (?) with me.

“Caro… this is…?”
“Or should I say diving magic? As long as this magic is active, you can breathe and move freely in the water!”
“What-what did you say?!”

Is there such a useful magic?

No, no.
It doesn’t matter if it’s Caro, I can’t believe it so easily.

That humans are able to breathe underwater… it’s truly amazing.

Wow, it’s true!

I don’t know how it works, but it really makes you breathe underwater!

“What’s more, I can talk normally?!”

Maybe it’s because the area around the body is covered with a kind of air membrane, so even if I open my mouth, no water can enter.
This is a great spell!

What an octopus! Is its skin color blue?!

Why is that shell shaped like a star?!

It was the first time I’d seen so many mysterious marine lives, and I couldn’t help but get excited.


Carolina cast a diving spell on me, and I was now enjoying the first underwater dive of my life.

I think I had already dived to a depth of about 100 feet.
Apparently, the “proof magic” also has the effect of reducing the effects of water pressure on the body.

Normally, you would think that by now something bad would have happened to your body, but thanks to the magic, it still seems that I can dive as deep as I want.

It is said that the time of effect is limited to one hour for a common adventurer, but in Carolina’s case it is up to 24 hours.

If you have this magic, you could even live in the sea.

Spy Fish | Lv. 1/5 | Grade G

Vitality: 10
Strength: 10
Magic: 10
Mana: 5

Water Magic (Beginner)

Bili Bili Jellyfish | Lv. 3/10 | Grade F

Vitality: 38
Strength: 8
Magic: 35
Mana: 13

Water Magic (Beginner)

There are a lot of monsters around here.
Spy fish were translucent body monsters that were very hard to find in the water.

The Bili Bili jellyfish is a huge jellyfish with a body length of about six feet.

It’s gonna be hard to get monsters underwater, isn’t it?

In the water, even if you throw the ball, the buoyancy is going to affect it.
I feel like it’s a waste, but I’ll stop capturing and move on.

“Is that…?”

After a while, I discovered a huge black shadow in the middle of the ocean.
As I got closer, I realized that the shadow’s identity was a huge fish monster.

Berserk Shark | Lv. 12/20 | Grade D

Vitality: 72
Strength: 83
Magic: 55
Mana: 13

Water Magic (Intermediate)

Hey, hey.
This situation is actually… pretty bad, right?

My heart skipped a beat when I ran into the obviously violent shark monster.

However, as soon as the shark monster looks in my direction… it turns its gaze, uninterested.

Oh, I was saved…
Apparently, I wasn’t the target of the berserk shark.

Little Turtle | Lv. 1/5 | Grade G

Vitality: 15
Strength: 10
Magic: 5
Mana: 5

Water Magic (Beginner)

The monster turtle, about 20 inches long, was right in front of the eyes of the berserk shark.

“Cue, cue!”

The little turtle ran away from the sight of the berserk shark as it made tender little noises.

It’s okay. Keep it up and get the berserk’s attention.
I’m afraid I’m gonna have to leave now.

It was just as I was about to turn around as if nothing had happened.

“Hmmm. Wait.”

At that moment, the popular Japanese tale “Urashima Taro” came to my mind.
In Urashima Taro, the story was told in which the main character was invited to a wonderful place called “Dragon Palace” for saving a turtle.

Maybe if I just… saved the turtle monster to have a chance to go to the Dragon Palace?

No, I think that’s too good to be true.
But I don’t feel right letting the turtle die like that.

So, I’m gonna use Borrowing Skill to see if I can use it to fight the berserk shark.

“Come on… Bullet Rock!”

The first thing I used was the “Bullet Rock” skill that Adamite’s Golem possessed.

Bullet Rock | Grade D | Active.
(The ability to throw a giant rock in front of you.)

The next moment I used my skill.
A rock approximately 3 feet in diameter emerges from my palm and flies towards the berserk shark.

That’s good.

The speed was slow because of the resistance of the water, but it seemed to fly straight away somehow.


Knowing It was being attacked, the berserk shark opened its mouth and began to get angry.

Mission accomplished!
In fact, the speed at which it flew was too slow to hit the target, but I was able to get its attention.

The angry berserk shark looks straight at me and is going to bite me.

Silly shark!
If you want to eat so badly, I’ll let you eat all you want!

“I choose you, Light Mash!”

So, I summoned a poisonous mushroom monster that I had captured earlier.


The overzealous berserk shark bit right through the mushroom umbrella.


Immediately afterwards, the body of the berserk shark went numb and began to convulse.
The spores of the light mash had the effect of paralyzing the target.


Retreat! Retreat!
With a little more persistence, I may have been able to catch the berserk shark, but for now, my priority is to return unharmed.

I put the Ligh Mash with its gnawed umbrella on the ball and swam away as fast as I could.

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  1. Hm, he had 6 light mash in his ball, im surprised that hecdidnt turn them into mad marsh when he had the chance, also, capture as much as you can! The amount of different lifeforms in the ocean compared to land is.. alot! ^^”

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat! (^_^)/

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