Isekai Monster Breeder

Chapter 102 – Epilogue~ Saying Goodbye to the master~


“Souta-kun, to be honest, I don’t know how to thank you.”

A few days later.
Rikku-san, who had completed her mission to investigate Kururu’s hideout, had arrived at my home as promised.

“This is the money we made selling items from Kururu’s hideout. I want you to take it.”
“Hey, all this?”

Then Rikku-san offered me a sack that felt heavy.

At least, I estimated that there was about 100 million kol.
The sack I received from Rikku-san was filled with a large amount of platinum coins.

“Oh, yes. It was actually going to be more money. It’s a pity that Kururu’s subordinates managed to take some valuables. I’m sorry I failed to stop them.”
“So that’s what happened.”

Was it a mistake to leave the research of Kururu’s hideout to Rikku-san alone?

If there were so many treasures hidden in the lair, perhaps I should have joined in.

Oh, yes. It is true.
I learned later that there were many underlings waiting in Kururu’s lair.

Thank Goodness that Kururu, who was obsessed with her unfinished business with Carolina, didn’t ask for help from her men.

If Kururu’s subordinates had attacked as an army, I am sure we would not have had a chance.

However, it is hard to believe that her subordinates would have been able to collect the valuable goods and leave the place.

I guess this is also due to Kururu’s bad behavior on a daily basis.

“Carolina-san, right? I’m so sorry! I’ve been so rude to you.”

Right after she gave me my reward.
Rikku-san bowed deeply to Carolina.

“Apparently, I was wrong. In the past, I have unilaterally assumed that demons are “evil” and never stopped to look more closely. But when I saw that you did not withdraw from the battle with Kururu to protect Souta-kun, I decided to change my mind. There are several types of demons. This time, I realized that the act of attacking people with a prejudiced image is the real evil.”
“I see. I’m glad you could understand how wonderful the master is.”

Is it right to judge that this could be a reconciliation?
In that sense, Carolina is basically inexpressive, so it’s hard to know what she’s thinking.

“Come to think of it, defeating Kururu was Rikku-san’s wish, wasn’t it? What are you going to do now?”
“…It won’t change what I do, since I can’t let more evil demons like Kururu roam free. I think I’ll leave Saint Bell and continue my demon-hunting journey. In the meantime, I plan to head to the Royal Capital Wonderlark, the base of Blue-Sky Bow, the Demon Hunters to whom I belong.”
“I understand. Good luck, Rikku-san.”

Royal Capital. So, the royal capital…
From what I’ve heard, the “Royal Capital Wonderlark” is located east of the Hiryu Mountain Range, far to the east.

I’d like to go there at least once, but it takes half a day, even if I use a Turtle Car, and that’s what bothers me.

“Ciel, you’ve always wanted to go to the Royal Capital, right? Will you accompany me on my journey?”
“Eh. Ehhhhhhhhhh!?”

Ciel let out a disconcerted voice when suddenly she was asked to speak.

“Tha-That’s… ho-how do I say it…”

Ciel staggered at Rikku-san’s suggestion.

Wait a moment.
Ciel is an indispensable blacksmith in our group.

Even if my opponent is Rikku-san, I will not allow her to take her!

“…Haha. It’s a joke. I know you’re already in love.”
“What? Who’s in love with who?
“Souta-kun, take good care of Ciel for me.”
“Wai- Huh?!? Maaaster!?”

In the end, that was the last thing she said, and Rikku-san disappeared from our sight.

I feel like she dropped a big bomb at the end… but I’ll stop digging so deep.

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    1. Sex and love are two different things. Granted, they go best together, but they don’t have to. Otherwise brothels would have a hard time existing.

  1. Error?
    Rikku-san, who had completed his mission to investigate Kururu’s hideout -> Rikku-san, who had completed her mission to investigate Kururu’s hideout

    Rikku-san bowed his head deeply to Carolina. -> Rikku-san bowed deeply to Carolina.

    Thanks for another treat.

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