After getting the succubus without any problems, I decided to go back to the room and check my status screen.

Kazehaya Souta

Job: Monster tamer

Level: 576

Vitality: 262

Strength: 97

Magic: 208

Mana: 2993


Absolute Control


Capsule Ball, Appraisal Eyes, Demon Combination, Contact, Soul Manipulation, Borrowing Skill.

Enslaved Monsters


Carolina Burton

Ciel O’telrod


Rust Trizarty


Adamite Golem


Winged Lizard

Goblin Knight x15

Light Mash x6


Mad Mash

Borrowing Skill | Grade A | Active

(Skill that allows the user to borrow the skill of a monster they has under their control, but it can only be one skill at a time)

● Acquisition Conditions

–Create an S-range or higher monster.

–To have 2000 or more mana

A new skill was added to the ‘Skills’ section.


It seems that the acquisition condition this time has been obtained by transform Rust from vampire to succubus.

Whichever way you look at it, this skill is terribly versatile.

Why you ask?

With this ability, I can become stronger and stronger depending on the monster I enslave.

Let’s see.

I was summoned to a world of magic and swords.

First of all, let’s borrow Rust’s “Dark Magic (Advanced)” skill.

Know me as the Master of Darkness!

A man born in darkness who can control it!

System Message

(You cannot borrow this skill.)

Damn! I’ve anticipated this anyway!

The balance of this world would probably be broken if I were to use magic as freely as monsters.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to give up on that.

Suction | Grade B | Active

(Short-range ・ Single blow. Absorbs men’s sexual desire.)

Aphrodisiac | Grade B | Active

(Short range, single attack. Ability to increase the libido in the target)

Then I saw two other skills that Rust has.

Is it something like the “Dust of Disorder” from the Mad Mash?

However, while the grade of Dust of Disorder was D, the grade of these two skills is B!

The effect must be really amazing.

So, I decided to take out a Goblin Knight to test the skill.

“Gobu! Gobu!”

I chose the Goblin Knight for a reason.

It is said that a Goblin Knight would be about 40 human years old if we converted his life time, and that means 4 decades of accumulated sexual desire.

“Well, here I come, Goblin Knight!”


After I used the “Suction” skill, a catastrophe occurred.


Wha-what is this?!

My body is hot.

The energy flowing from the Goblin Knight is visible.

Wait a minute.

You guys… charged with all this libido inside the ball?!

I’m sorry.

Goblin Knights.

I, as a man, should have noticed the suffering of the Goblin Knights.

In the future, it seems best to eliminate the Goblin’s libido with this “Suction” skill from time to time.

Apparently, this was another job Rust would take on.

“Haa… haa… it’s over… right…?”

I know my body.

I completely absorbed the Goblin Knight’s libido and was now full of a certain emotion.

This is not good.

Anyone is fine… if I don’t find someone to satisfy this desire…

My sex drive seems to be going crazy.

“Wha-what’s going on, Souta-san? Your face is red.”

Walking here at a leisurely pace, I discovered a possible target.

The busty loli body of Ciel looks even more sensual than usual since she has just taken a bath.

(TN: I don’t know which breasts he’s talking about, in the whole novel they’ve said she has them, but in the illustrations she’s just a normal loli).

“…Ciel, you come at the right time. I must tell you something important, could you come to my room?”

“Um, I don’t mind, but… is it okay if I dry my hair first? If I don’t do it quickly, it tends to get all messy.”


This girl… what is she talking about?

I don’t want to talk about hair right now.

The important thing now is to get rid of all this sex drive.

“Wait, Souta-san! What’s gotten into you?! Your face is scaring me!”

“Say no more! Let’s go to my room!”


I’m sorry, but there’s no time to chat right now.

Kidnapping, abduction?

No problem!

10 minutes later.

Ciel’s voice echoed nonstop.


That’s a good skill.

I enjoyed Ciel’s body to the fullest using the “Aphrodisiac” skill.

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11 thoughts on “OWMB 93 – Kidnapping Case

  1. The fuck? Not with Aphrodite or Carolina, but with the little girl? WHY?
    Well, since its been so incredibly tame so far, when he says he enjoyed her body, he probably just went to sleep while hugging her like a pillow or something.

      1. Ciel was Sheryl before. I noticed that her name wasn’t that, so I used the original.

    1. Haha, sorry. This happens by not checking more carefully when I translate from Spanish to English. Since the word “caballero” is used to refer to both knight and gentleman.

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