The story so far.

Aphrodite and I lost a total of over 10 million kol in the course of one day.

Although Aphrodite is 95% blame for our bankruptcy… …it’s no use crying over spilt milk.

Our chain is different, but the sins are the same.

“He-Hey, Souta. What… What are you planning to do to me in a place like this?!”

Right now.

I was with Aphrodite in a bathroom that held more than two people.

“Can-can this be some kind of punishment for spending my money in the casino? Isn’t this some kind of perverted thing?!”


“Souta, evil! Demon! Pervert! Taking advantage of a girl’s weakness, venting your libido in a bathroom… Souta, you’re the worst!”

“You’re wrong. Please be quiet for a moment.”

For God’s sake… she thinks of me as a monkey in mating season or something.

There’s no way I could think of anything like that in a situation like this.

“D, can’t you imagine? There’s something strange about the games in this casino. I have a feeling they’re rigged.”

After I lost, I was watching other people’s games—

I got similar results.

Compared to when you bet a lot of money, the winning percentage when it’s higher is reduced.

“It certainly… feels that way now that you say it…”

“If what I think is right, they’re cheating. And we lost our money because of them.”

“…Yes! That was it!”

When I asked for agree, Aphrodite shook her head with a loud tone,

“Ah. So that’s why… I’m going to expose their fraud. D, you’re gonna watch my back. If anything goes wrong, you’ll let me know with the Contact skill.”

So that’s why I summoned a monster called Firefox, which is about 30 inches long.

If it’s with a small body like this, it’s bound to go through the ventilation into the employee lounge.

“Hey, Souta. What are you doing?”

“Didn’t I tell you? Using the ability 《Soul Manipulation》, I can enter the souls of the monsters.”

“Since when!?”

Soul Manipulation | Grade B | Active

(Skill to possess enslaved monsters.)

The skill 《Soul Manipulation》 is very versatile, but there is one disadvantage, and that is that when it is in use, the body is left in an unprotected state.

So, I thought that Aphrodite could take care of my body this time.

“Well. I’ll use the skill, so I’ll get you the rest.”

The next moment I entered the body of the Firefox.

Following the pattern, my body loses all its strength and falls towards Aphrodite.

“Ah~. Wait, Souta! Eeeeh!?”

Aphrodite threw herself at my body but let out a voice of shame.

(Then, I’m leaving. Don’t do perverted things to my body just because I’m not there).

(O-O-Of course not, you fool!)

I wonder if that joke was too much.

Hearing my words, Aphrodite’s face turned red as a tomato.



I did a thorough search with the body of the Firefox.

It’s strange, isn’t it?

I don’t think I’d ever want to go into such a filthy place if I was in my own body, but when I’m in someone else’s that I’ve borrowed, I can get into the room.

“Hahaha. Exactly… I can’t stop laughing.”

“Oh. That big-breasted blonde beauty, huh. That look… I wonder if she’s some kind of noble lady or something.”

After I walked around for a while, I heard a man’s voice down.

Big-breasted blonde beauty?

I wonder if they’re talking about Aphrodite.

“Still… are the customers who come to the casino all fools?”

“Totally. They… couldn’t even imagine that we’re using illusion magic of dark magic to change the pattern of the cards to our liking.”


It is unexpected that the evidence that they were cheating came to light so quickly.

Illusion Magic…

Is there such a magic within the magic of darkness?

If the dealer is able to change the pattern of cards to his liking, then it is a situation where the casino never loses.

I won’t spare them!

I’ll give them back double…

“You guys… what are you whispering about?”


As I watched from inside the casino roof, the man named Rust, the owner of the casino, appeared.

“What happened to the blonde girl? Did you have trouble squeezing everything out of her?”

“Here, take a look at this! Just like that, we got 10 million kol from her. This is all thanks to the illusion magic that Rust-sama taught us.”

“That’s not what I want to hear. What happened to the girl?”

“Huh? When she lost she left the table with watery eyes… Could be that… buha!?”

Hey, hey.

What the hell’s going on?

That’s what I was thinking when Rust started smashing his fist into the employees’ faces.

“Don’t I always tell you? We have to get women into debt to use them as products in the store. Just by looking at her appearance and with a few tricks, we can sell her to some noble pervert and get to 30 million kol from him.”

“Guh… Rust-sama… please forgive us…”

“That’s why you guys are scum! I’m losing possible money just because you’re incompetent! What are you going to do now?!”


This is terrible.

The employees are crying as they seek forgiveness, but they were only beaten until their faces swelled up.

Apparently, I misunderstood something.

These employees are not without sin, but the root of all evil is this demon called Rust.

“Scum! That’s why I hate mix myself with these inferior humans!”


The employees who were kicked to the curb had now rolled onto the floor until they were unconscious.

I’m furious.

Not only is it that people are being cheated out of their money, but I cannot contain my anger at the words of Rust, who only sees humans as garbage.

This is different from good demons like Carolina and Yuuko.

Rust is one of those evil demons, just as Rikku-san said. Knowing the truth of the matter, I swore an oath of vengeance against the Bakuraja Slave Trading House.

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