It took about 10 minutes or so.

After her wound was closed, Rikku-san was slowly opening his eyes.

[Well… it seems I was defeated, and it’s quite laughable to have received medical treatment from your demon companion.]

Rikku-san, who was aware that she had been treated by Caroline, was showing a distressed smile.

[Uhm… Can I ask you what happened?]

[Huh? What do you mean?]

[Why does Rikku-san hate demons? I heard from Sheryll that you didn’t have such hostility towards them before, right?]

[Yeah… That’s no longer true, let me tell you a story.]

So, I received from Rikku-san several stories about demons.

[On a certain day, an adventurer from the city of Saint Bell was completing his mission, chasing a certain demon. I later learned that that demon’s name was “Dragon Empress” Kururu. It seems that she was the former division chief of the Demon Lord’s army.]

[… Eh?]

Is it my idea?

Carolina’s expression changed quite a bit when she heard Kururu’s name.

[Kururu was the worst demon. She created famines, set small towns on fire and devoured people, killing everyone she saw. I… was part of one of the six teams of Grade A adventurers, who went to the mission of subjugation of Kururu… It was unexpectedly fun. We all… were getting along very well. We were sharing adventures from the moment the mission started… We were joking together.]

This is really shocking.

Rikku-san’s voice trembled as her explanation went on.

[Kururu no longer exists, but the remains of her demon army are scattered all over the world, tormenting humans, so I decided to act as a “Demon Hunter” to clear the grief of my companions. It was at the same time that I left the town of Saint Bell and separated from Sheryl. I know it was bad for Sheryl, I think that was my worst decision ever. I just left the town without telling anyone.]

[Was it like that…?]

I didn’t know.

If there are good people who are related to the Demon Lord army like Carolina and Yuuko, there must also be abominable beings.

If a friend important to me had been killed, I could have taken the same steps as Rikku-san.

(NT: Nowhere in the translation does it specifically say that someone dies, but from Rikku’s reaction, you can tell).

[… Then why is Rikku-san in the Ryuzoku Mountain range? Is there something related to the “Demon Hunters” in the area?]

[That’s right, I heard that people from the Ryuo Onna Kururu group came here, going in and out of the Ryuzoku mountain range, so I’m building a base in various parts of the mountain and chasing their whereabouts. That’s it.]


I see.

What she told us is connected to this.

Sheryl was impressed with the design of the hut because it was made by her teacher.

[Master, I understand there’s a lot to hear, but it’s time to go down the mountain range.]

[Wow! So fast?]

This could have been dangerous!

I completely forgot about the time.

There’s currently a driver waiting for us at the foot of the mountain in his turtle car.

If we left him there, spending more than half a day, he would return to the town of Saint Bell and leave us here.

[Rikku-san, I will come here again very soon.]

[… I see, you have a turtle car waiting down there, so please take this with you.]

Class A | Instant Death Ring

(Ring that prevents deadly damage, its effect is activated once a day)

Then Rikku-san handed it to me, it was the first time I’d seen a Grade A item.

[This is…!]

[Going on an adventure is a dangerous thing, could you give it to Sheryl? It was a payment from the guild for fighting the enemy army… It’s a really expensive piece of equipment, but I’m not interested in it right now.]

I see.

Rikku-san is thinking of her disciple.

Certainly, Sheryl’s condition is the lowest among us.

With this equipment, we could reduce the risk of great harm to her.

[I’m planning to stay in the Ryuzoku mountain range for about six months, will you tell me if you hear any information about the Dragon Empress?]

[Okay, I’ll be back to inform you if I hear anything.]

I don’t know if it was a good choice to come to the Ryuzoku Mountain Range. I didn’t get to meet the dragon I was expecting, but I think I got some unexpected things out of this expedition.

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