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I arrived at our destination, the “Ryuzoku Range”.

It’s located at the foot of the town of Saint Bell, and it takes about half a day to get to here, so to make the most of the time I’ve decided to use one of those vehicles that use a Rock Turtle monster instead of horses, the “Turtle Car”.

I wonder if the speed is about 40 km/h.

There was less shaking than I expected. The ride itself was quite comfortable.

However, the problem was the fare.

The price is 50,000 Kol, quite high.

Considering it’s a round trip, the total cost is 100,000 Kol.

While exploring, we’ll keep the driver waiting for a whole day.

Considering the risk of being attacked by a monster before reaching our destination, he probably wouldn’t come here without charging so much.

Anyway, this is… no, nothing can take away my idea of getting a cool dragon and going home.

[Oh, that’s the Ryuzoku mountain range!]

White smoke rising from the top of the mountain, where the crater was exposed.

By the way, this area known as Ryuzoku Range seems to be an active volcano that erupts about once every ten years.

When I was in Japan, I never saw an active volcano, so I was deeply impressed when I saw this one.

[Uh oof… I’m wearing the “Fire Fairy Clothes” but… What do you think?]

[Well… don’t you think it’s fits you greatly?]

[Kukuku. What? What’s your answer? Is the stimulus from my seductive body too strong for you, Souta?]


Damn it!

I’m sorry she’s not wrong.

Apparently, for Aphrodite, who had a heart attack body that would appeal to any man, the “Fire Fairy Clothes” was a perfect fit for her because of the design of the clothes.

No matter how much you think about it, it’s not good to go to a volcano dressed like that.

Even her breasts that are unnecessarily accentuated look somewhat exposed.

[Thank you for giving me a new armor, master. I will wear it very carefully.]

[Uooh… if you look at me like that… it’s embarrassing to show you, Souta-san.]

When I summoned Carolina and Sheryl from inside the ball, they were both wearing the “Fire Fairy Clothes”.

Sure, they reduced the exposure by wearing jackets and pants, but I think they still look too sexy.

[Souta! Let’s go quickly, I’ve never seen dragons and I can’t wait to find out what kind of monsters they are.]

[Sure, we’re coming.]

I started climbing the mountain while watching Aphrodite’s ass in front of me.

I must calm down a little bit.

There’s no time to be fascinated by the figure of those three beautiful girls, just for today at least.

Anyway, we’ll have to hurry the expedition, because if we can’t get back from the mountain by sunset, we’ll have to walk back to the city, as there’s a cancellation fee for the “Turtle Car.”

There is a time limit due to the demand for transport media.



It’s been about an hour since we started climbing the mountain.

[A dragon! There’s a dragon!]

After a while, Aphrodite who was ahead of us, screamed as she pointed to the front.


When I looked up, I saw the face of the dragon I’d always dreamed of!

It looks like a western dragon. It’s clearly from the dragon race.

I like that this is the first one I capture, but my greed calls me to get more!

Lizardman LV 1/15 Grade E

Vitality 85

Strength 60

Magic 40

Mana 30


Fire Magic (Beginner)

[Where is the dragon?]

I put on a sad expression as soon as I saw it completely.

I thought I might finally meet a dragon and I’ve been hit hard, I’m disappointed!

[Huh?… Wherever you look, it’s a dragon, don’t you see?]

[Can I ask you where you see a dragon?]

[Its face?]

[Yes, it’s looks like a dragon when you see only its face.]


Why do I feel like I’ve been defeated?

Like Aphrodite said, if you saw the Lizardman from the neck up you’d think it was a dragon…

But I won’t accept it!

I won’t accept it as a dragon.

It’s quite annoying to watch the Lizardman blinking in that peculiar and strange way that reptiles do… I feel frustrated.

[Ku pou!!]

Three Lizardmen who noticed our presence rushed towards us while raising a strange voice.

They were about five feet tall!

The Lizardmen walked in a bipedal fashion, having a human figure if you looked more closely.


The Lizardman’s grade is E!

I have E-grade humanoids, too!


So, I summoned three Goblin Knights.

Goblin knights equipped with iron armor made by Sheryl have a rather fierce aura.

[Go! Gobuu!]

The next moment, they jumped at it.

The three Goblin Knights knocked the Lizardman unconscious with a blow from the bronze mace they carried.


What happened?

No, no.

Certainly, the Lizardman’s equipment was just a tree branch, so I was hoping my goblin knights would have the balance in their favor.

But wasn’t it too easy to beat them?

I quickly checked the status of the Goblin Knights.

Goblin Knight LV 12/15 Grade E

Vitality 96

Strength 131

Magic 64

Mana 45

What?! Their levels have risen.

Immediately after using synthesis, Goblin Knights’ levels, which was supposed to be 1, had grown beyond 10 without me noticing.

[You, over there, who gave you such gentle training? Remember what will happen to you when you get back on the ball.]


A Goblin Knight looked at Carolina, shaking with fear.

I see.

The Goblin Knights’ level was improving dramatically as a result of Carolina’s training.

When I saw the inside of the ball using my mind manipulation skill, I witnessed the scene where Carolina was training the Goblins.


I really envy them for being punished by her.

● Captured Monster’s Data.


Encyclopedia No #51

Dragon Race

Grade E

Level 1

Vitality 85

Strength 60

Magic 40

Mana 30


Fire Magic (Beginner)


A monster belonging to the basic level of the dragon race.

Its individual fighting skill is low, but it has great intelligence.

Depending on how it is nurtured, there is a possibility of obtaining various evolutions. ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●

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  1. “Apparently, for Aphrodite, who had a heart attack body that would appeal to any man”
    Yeah… No.
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