Other World’s Monster Breeder

Chapter 76 – Two Ranks Special Promotion

Chloe Grice
Race: Cait Sith
Age: 18

[Congratulations! After a careful deliberation… Souta-san’s adventurer rank has been promoted to D!]

When we arrive to the guild, the receptionist Chloe said that words.
Receptionist Chloe is a beautiful high-rank girl with a small body and semi-long black hair.

From the upper part of her head, that cat-ears of her looks so cute.

[Eh? …that is something good to me, isn’t?]

Not too much time ago I was F rank, so probably I’m a little better now, but I’m still feeling that I haven’t progressed anything.
There are eight ranks from S to G, been D still low comparing it with the others.

[Naturally! I’ve been doing this job for a long time, but I’ve never saw someone to be promoted two ranks at once.
As guild, they seems to have appreciated Souta-san’s successful in ore collection quests.]

[Is that so?]

It’s a good thing my adventurer rank rises anyway.
As my rank increases, the types of quest we can choose will increase accordingly.

As Chloe’s words, adventurers ranked from D to B seems to be at most popular “medium ranked”.

Indeed, you could say if you have a steady pace, you can reach the medium rank in a few months after becoming an adventurer.

[These are the new quest that you can request, I organized and put them in a file.]

[Wow, it’s very thick, isn’t?]

[Sorry, but this time you can request two at once, because it’s a hard time to organize the documents.]

When I received the file from Chloe, I sat on the guild bench, determined to look for the day’s work.

Well, well.
What should I choose?

I still having enough money from the ore collecting quest, so that doesn’t mind me.
I don’t want to rush to elevate my adventurer rank.

As I’m an impatient one, this time I’ll choose some job 100% as hobby.


[… Hey, Souta! What kind of quest did you choose at the end?]

[I thought of several, but today I chose going to the “Ryuzoku Range[1]”]

[Ryuzoku Range! Iz not that a dangerous place where appears dragon race’s monzters?]

Sheryl, who listened my idea, let out a voice which seems to be about crying.

[They’re dangerous?]

[Naturally! Dragon race have a combat power that may be the strongezt among all monster! Have you forgotten the fight against the cockatrice?]

[I remember, that’s why I thought It’d worth to go.]

The cockatrice we have met before was certainly a strong foe beyond expectations.
I didn’t feel comfortable, as the breath of flames shooting from his mouth was quite intense.


But I have the ability that my chance of capture is 100% of capturing any monster I throw a Capsule Ball at.

Battling against dragons could be dangerous, but the stronger is the enemy, the greater the reward.

[This is wrong! You’re not acting like Souta. You’re almost always a chicken that doesn’t go to the next map unless you’ve leveled up your team like an RPG!]

[… I must be agreeing with Aphrodite-san. Why the change in your usual behavior, Master?]

I’ve certainly been progressing in quest in a careful way rather than a little more recklessly. I’m “stepping bit by bit the brigde” instead of “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs”.

It’s logical that these two girls ask themselves about the change.

[A dragon is a man’s romance! I’ll be free to handle the great dragon as I wish! My heart started to warm just imaging it!]

If it’s possible, I’d like to tame a real dragon, not a weird one like cockatrice.

Even if you say dragon, there’s several kinds.
Personally, I prefer a Western-style lizard design rather than an Oriental snake type.

A lot of heads. With a lot of heads would be pretty neat, because it would impose a frightening atmosphere.


Maybe my explanation impressed them?
Three beautiful girls was watching me like they were seeing a freak.

[1] Flying Dragon’s Range.

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