Other World’s Monster Breeder

Chapter 75 – True Guilty

That night.
I was working on the trap preparation to repel the underwear thief.

[Hey, why do you are taking them of me?!]

Right now.
Aphrodite was trying to stay away her panties from the monster known as firefox I just summoned.

Indeed, it was soon to summon a goblin knight, so I used the foxes who could smell any intruder.

It’s strange that just been out, the foxes try to take off the girl’s panties… whatever.

[Leave it, this is to catch the underwear thief. Be patient.]

[Wow… I understand that… but, why my panties?! Weren’t any other girl available?!]

[There is no other girl so beautiful as D, then it’s not reasonable to think that the criminal could want to steal preferably the pretty underwear’s of a girl like you?]

[Eh? What?]

That’s very effective.

I noticed recently that Aphrodite is not very used to me praising her appearance, it’s a small habit from the self-proclaimed goddess of beauty.

Asking her something, if you praise her appearance, the success rate will increase.

[Please, D! I can only trust a person so great as you! Help me get the underwear back!]

When I looked her, I notice because of her expressions that she was in a very high spirit.

[Heh… It cant be helped, I have the need to cooperate if you ask me that way.]

Thanks for give me the expected answer!

If you raise her ego a bit, she’ll say yes to most things.
This goddess is truly dumb.

Aphrodite said: “It’s very embarrassing, please turn back.” She order me, putting the newly removed underwear on the right place.

This conclude the preparations.

[… Do you really think that you can capture the underwear thief using thiz trap?]

In contrast to the simple-thinking goddess, Sheryl is quite cautious.

[I don’t think It’d a problem, most likely the culprit is one of the ghouls working at the mansion.]

[How can you be zo zure?]

I decided give Sheryl an explanation about my reasons.

There is just one reason due I think the guilty is a ghoul.
And that reason is because they’re been guarding the mansion the whole time.

Originally, this property belonged to Yuuko, and was guarded by her guardians so that no suspicious person could approach her.

Although it can be successful once or twice, also it can be said that is impossible for an invader to come into the mansion usually.

Then, it’s reasonably to think that is an internal crime from someone who could be freely wandering around the mansion.

[Indeed… the culprit zhould be someone grotezque… without doubt the probability iz very high.]

Sheryl, who listened my words, shook her head and accepted my reasoning.

Regard Yuuko’s words, ghouls haven’t sexual desire, but his nature seems to be strongly rooted in memories of when they were alive.

[But then, it doesn’t have to use newly used underwear… Why not look for newly purchased underwear?]

[Haa… you just don’t understand a man’s hearth…]

To men, newly purchased underwear is just a cloth.
The true underwear’s value will only appear after a beautiful girl wear it.


We were watching the room during near two hours.

Suddenly, a small figure entered the room.

Cap Rat | Grade G | 1/5

Vitality: 15
Strength: 5
Magic Power: 5
Mana: 1


[What’s that? Is that a skillet lid?]

Object’s length is near of 15 centimeters.
The creature had a big head. It appearance is the same as a cartoon character.

For some reason, the creature in front of me had a skillet lid on its head.

[Iz that… a cap rat?]

[Do you know what is that thing?]

[Yez… cap rats are monzter settled mostly on abandoned houzes. They’re almozt harmless, but they have a habit of alwayz carrying something on their heads.]

[I see, so it was that.]

This may not be the first time she’s seen wild monsters in the town.

The cap rat entered the room, wandering around.
It’s stops finally in front Aphrodite’s panties.

[Hey… no way!]

I see. I understand now!
Now I was able to identify the true guilty in this incident.

The cap rat removes the lid from its head, replacing it with the panties that we left there before.

[A pervert!?]

I can’t stop myself crying unwilling.
The figure of a big rat carrying panties on its head was something surrealistic.

[Zouta-san! Let’s caught it quickly!


After we were crime’s witness, we opened the window and entered the first floor’s room.

[Go, Capsule Ball!]

I threw a capsule ball, which can beat the cap rat in one blow.

However, there was a problem.
The cap rat is smaller and faster than other monster.

I’ve threw balls several times from the beginning, but none of them shows any sign of even being able to hit it.

[Shit! This rat is too fast!]

[Zouta-san! The cap rat is running to the outside!]

[You’re not going to scape!]

Maybe this was my last chance.
I throw the ball toward the rat who tries to scape trough the windows.

Good, perfect pitch!
The ball I threw hit straight the rat’s head scaping from a straight line.


Something sudden happened.

Some way, the cap rat continue to run toward the back of the garden not captured by the ball I threw.

[… Huh? Didn’t the strike hit it?]

[Oh. Indeed, I guess that happened.]

What the heck is happening?

Don’t mind if it’s a god nor a demon.
My Capsule ball has the effect to capture 100% at times when hits.

It was the first time a monster can’t be caught although the ball doesn’t hit.

[… That’s right! This is it!]

When I looked the ball, I understood everything.

In other words, the ball thrown had hit the object above the cap rat’s head.

I could confirm that the light blue panties that Aphrodite had worn before were now inside the ball.

[Zouta-san, you should return that underwear to Aphrodite-san!]

[Sheryl, forgot all what you saw, understood?]

[That’s zomething bad! Is the same thing than the cap rat!]

[Indeed… it could be that always have been a real underwear thief in my heart.]

[Er… okey…]

I was originally subjected to unfair treatment when Aphrodite was in the bath towel.

I’d be nice if could have this compensation.
(TN: Fair enough, I think.)

Anyway, I can only say one thing.

Goddess’ panties… get!

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8 thoughts on “OWMB 75 – True Guilty

  1. What a spineless, ball-less, brain less, oblivious MC. Why behave like pervert when first 3 girls are almost jumping on him for sex?

  2. I would like to suggest that you stop replacing Sheryl’s s’s with z’s, it sounds like she has a serious cold. 😛
    Also, Have you tried Grammarly? It’s a good app/program that can help you with your grammar. 🙂
    Hm, the title True Guilty, were you thinking of “culprit” instead?

  3. Am I the only one who feels like this story would be 1000% better without Aphrodite? She is just there to be the dumb on, she offers nothing to the story.

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