Other World’s Monster Breeder

Chapter 66 – Gard, the Hero

Chapter 66 – Hero Gard

[Hey. There’s a rumor… that the Wraith was defeated.]

[I don’t believe you… Aren’t you getting older?]
(NT: I don’t know if you guys got it. He says that because he thinks his partner heard badly because he’s getting older.)

The next day.
As I walked in front of the adventurers’ guild, I could hear what the adventurers were gossiping about.

To be more precise, it was thanks to Carolina that we defeated the wraith.
Somehow, the rumor that it was defeated had spread.

It was a little surprising.
Since it was only yesterday when I received Wraith’s subjugation Quest.

I wonder how fast is the speed at which this sort of thing spreads?

Maybe it was exaggerated that I told Chloe-chan 『I don’t think that Reis is going to do any more bad things』.

[Hey. You’re Kazehaya Souta, right? I have something I’d like to ask you, just for a moment, do you mind?]

Gard Westberg
Gender: Man
Age: 22

This man showed up in front of me from somewhere.

[I’m sorry, but… Who are you?]

[Oh, sorry. My name is Gard Westberg, and I grew up in a family of virtuous and venerable heroes.]

[Eh? Heroes?]

[Fumu. From this point I think I have to explain myself. My ancestor had brilliant adventures in the struggle for the subjugation of Demon Lord Iblis 300 years ago. Since then, the Westberg family has been recognized as a family of heroes by the country.
But unfortunately, the world is a set of rights and obligations. The people who born in the Westberg house will have a power many times stronger to resist the Demon Lord who is said to revive soon…]


This guy… he started talking about something like that so abruptly.

I have a sense of shame for this tall, slim ikemen*.
(NT: Handsome guy)

[So… What does a hero need from me?]

[Fumu. I have heard that Souta-kun is a powerful person who defeated the Wraith. I’d like you to help me in my longing wish for 『Kill the Demon Lord.』]

[Demon Lord… you say…!?]

[Yes. And? If you’re interested, I can’t tell you the details here, but let’s meet at this tavern tonight.]


Gard, who proclaimed himself a hero, walked away from me as soon as he told me that.

What should I do?

The Demon Lord was the target from the beginning when I was summoned to this world.

By defeating the Demon Lord, Aphrodite could safely return to the celestial world and I could earn the right to return to the contemporary Japan.

I have an unexpected opportunity, but for the moment I decide to consult the ladies on the ball.


Since I suddenly received Hero Gard’s request to “Subdue the Demon Lord” I decided to go back to the inn and talk to the 3 girls.

[I refuse! No, no, no! Absolutely not!]

Explaining the circumstances, I am surprised that Aphrodite is the first to refuse.

[¿N? Why do you object? You said you wanted me to defeat the Demon Lord forever to you return to the heaven.]

[U~ that’s…]

Aphrodite when pressed by me she was frustrated.

[May I ask you why? Souta would just go back to his old world, right?]

[Yes. Well… I wonder if that’s it?]

I didn’t think about it that well around here.

According to the story of Aphrodite, when I defeat the Demon King and return to Japan, my skills will not disappear.

Originally, my goal in this world was to bring a beautiful girl I would have gotten with a Capsule Ball to Earth.

When I decide to return to my original world… will Sheryl and Carolina come with me?

Thinking that… it’s troubling somehow.

[Then all the more reason I refuse! What’s wrong with you, Souta!? Isn’t this the time when you should be chicken as usual? It’s not too late to defeat the Demon Lord, even after save a certain amount of strenght!]

[U~. Well, it may actually be so.]

Perhaps Aphrodite does not want to return to the Celestial World?
Did you like the Kedamaro bed that much?

Just think of Aphrodite who likes to sleep more than three times a day.

[Let’s hear Sheryl’s opinion.]

[I can’t believe it all of a sudden, but… I think it would be really bad if the Demon Lord isn’t defeated once he revives. I think there would be people who would be saved only if he were quickly defeated.]

[… I see. Well, I can understand that kind of thinking too.]

No matter how powerful the Demon Lord is, he will probably be captured no doubt if you throw a Capsule Ball at him.

Considering the simple victory rate, I may have to defeat the Demon Lord on behalf of humanity.

[What do you think, Carolina?]

[I think that thinking about it is useless. The existence of the demon Lord they speak of is completely false.]

[Eh? Really?]

They were unexpected words that came out of Carolina, the first one I would trust.
From what she said, it seems she knew the location of the real demon lord.

[Why do you come to that conclusion?]

[Uh, that’s for…]

Because of my pressure, Carolina turns her eyes away.

[… I’m sorry. I completely exaggerated. It may be false, but I think it’s okay if it’s just asking for information.]

[I understand. If Carolina agrees then that’s fine.]

That makes two for and one against.

It’s settled.
As Carolina said, if the risk is high, I just have to refuse. There won’t be any particular problem if it’s just going to listen.

There is no player who doesn’t care about the final boss information.

We have the approval of the members, so tomorrow I’ll go with Gard and gather information about the Demon Lord.

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